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Ranked Choice Vote ID156
Ranked Choice Vote2020 Co-chair Election
TypeSecret Ballot
Number of Seats1
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorDavid Gerry
Discussion11/28/2020 - 12/05/2020
Voting12/06/2020 - 12/10/2020
Presens Quorum8 0.6666
Candidates Hunter Crow
No Other Candidate


Section 2-4 Elections
2-4.1 Elections shall be conducted so that nominations may be made and elections held and concluded between the second Tuesday in November and the 20th
of December. Elections shall be conducted using Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), with No Other Candidate as an option. Members may nominate themselves. Nominations
do not need to be seconded.
2-4.2 Each election held by the Committee shall be conducted and tabulated pursuant to The Rules and Procedures of the Green Party of the United States,
Article 7., related to “Preference Voting Rules for Steering Committee Elections”, adopted June 18th, 2006, and as such rules may be subsequently amended,
except as provided in this Section.
2-4.3 For purposes of this section related to the ‘Conduct on Internal Committee Elections’, the term ‘Election Supervisor’ shall mean that Co-Chair of
the Committee whose successor will not be named by the election over which they preside, or in the event that no such Co-Chair exists, by the Co-Chair
of the GPUS designated by the Steering Committee to reorganize the Committee in the absence of both its Co-Chairs.
2-4.4 Nominations for candidates for such election shall, upon the call of the Election Supervisor be opened not later than the Friday, following the Second
Tuesday of November and shall remain open for not more nor less than seven days.
2-4.5 Upon the close of nominations, each candidate whose name has been placed in nomination will be afforded no less than seventy-two hours to submit
a candidate statement for distribution to the Committee.
2-4.6 The polls shall be opened and closed any time after the first Sunday of December, upon the call of the Election Supervisor, with the election conducted
by secret ballot and beginning no earlier than the first Monday of December and closing neither earlier nor later than five days following the beginning
of balloting and no later than the 16th of December.
2-4.7 In consultation with each candidate, properly nominated to appear on the ballot, the Election Supervisor shall appoint an election tabulation committee
to review the ballots and the preliminary tabulation of those ballots produced by the election software and to report its recommendation related to the
certification of such preliminary results back to the Committee within forty-eight hours of the close of the polls; and further to file with the Committee
within two weeks of the close of the polls, its report on the extent to which these rules and any standing special rule of the Committee anticipated the
demands of this election and gave adequate guidance to the election committee on the conduct of its responsibilities.

Candidate Information

Hunter Crow
Working in the Bylaws, Rules, Policies and Procedures Committee has always been a real goal of mine and the idea of Potentially  volunteering in the capacity
as BRPP Co chair 
Is an excellent way to contribute  time to  both  the
BRPP Committee as well as the National party 
As Well as to support the development of bylaws, rules, policies and procedures which serve the growth and development of the Green Party of the United
States   this is an opportunity That I am very interested in pursuing.
as a Prospective BRPP Co Chair given the Nature of the discussions that has already taken place on this listserv quite a few area of discussion  peaked
my interest  one area in particular that was brought up by Mike Feinstein via Natlcomvotes on Wed, Oct 21, 2020 at 5:03 PM  that was forward to this listserv  regarding
a Bylaws question regarding  GPUS Standing committee membership  as you probably know The bylaws do provide for the appointing/electing body to remove
a member  they have designated - but not for the person to lose their committee membership through inactivity.
This is one problem  in particular that I would be willing to take up as BRPP Co Chair  and but I am sure there's more to that issue than a simple bylaws fix
as far as  priorities for the Committee I would like the focus on recruiting and increasing BRPP membership 
Size so that the BRPP Committee can have  more diverse group of Committee members currently BRPP
Doesn't Currently have Committee Reps from none
Of the existing  Identity Caucuses or every single state party
Many Party members views  the BRPP Committee as a crucial GPUS standing Committee and the Discussion that take place in this particular committee is extremely
important and both the National and State Party really values this committee imput And this committee work is definitely something that deserves more participation 
From each state party and Identity Caucuses

No Other Candidate

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