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Proposal ID118
ProposalResolution of Procedural Objections - Reframe question, shift burden, define publication
PresenterMike Feinstein of California, with a second by Craig Thorsen of California
Floor ManagerHugh Esco
Discussion12/01/2010 - 12/22/2030
Voting12/23/2030 - 12/29/2030
Presens Quorum 0.6666
Consens Quorum 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


This is a proposal to amend Section 6-10 of the GPUS Rules and
Procedures, to bring it into consistency with the changes make to
Article VI via Proposal #393. Specifically this modifies the process
in #266 - which was written long before #393 - to reflect the fact
that now under #393 when the Steering Committee makes a decision
regarding a proposal's timing, approval threshold or satisfaction of
required criteria, it must make approve findings to that effect.
Therefore a challenge to the Steering Committee's decision is a
challenge to those findings.


Resolved, that Article 6 of the Rules and Procedures are amended by striking Section 10, which reads as follows:

Section 6-10 Appeals of Procedural Decisions Made by the Steering Committee, Floor Manager or Facilitator

6-10.1 Should any five members of the Green National Committee of the Party representing any five state parties or caucuses assert that any ruling of the Steering Committee or the Floor Manager on any point with respect to the handling of a Proposal submitted for the consideration of the National Committee was made contrary to the rules governing such rulings, such objection shall be recognized, and shall serve to initiate an appeal from the decision. When meeting face-to-face a Delegate may raise such an objection by respectfully addressing the facilitator and stating: "I appeal from the decision of the facilitator because this ruling is contrary to our rules" and then explaining the inconsistency. When meeting by email such an objection may be initiated by posting the same statement to the votes list. Any such appeal which is then joined by sufficient cosponsors as required by this paragraph shall stay the effective date of that decision, pending the resolution of the appeal.

6-10.2 The facilitator at a face-to-face meeting, or the Floor Manager, when conducting business by email, shall acknowledge the appeal by stating to the body the point ruled on, the Steering Committee or facilitator's decision on it and shall then put the appeal to the National Committee. The question put to the body shall be framed as: "Shall the body sustain the decision of the Steering Committee (or the Floor Manager or the facilitator) that . . . "

6-10.3 Debate on the correctness of the ruling shall be limited to twenty minutes when meeting face-to-face or when conducting business by email shall end at 12:00 midnight Pacific on the day following the day on which the appeal is acknowledged by the Floor Manager as being in order due to its having sufficient cosponsors. The facilitator or Floor Manager shall then put the question of the appeal to the body for a vote. When conducting business by email, the vote shall commence upon the close of debate and shall close seventy-two hours later.

6-10.4 The ruling of the Steering Committee, Floor Manager or facilitator shall be sustained unless overruled by the vote of a majority of those voting, who voted in opposition to the question of sustaining the decision, provided votes have been cast by Delegates from at least a simple majority of the state parties and caucuses eligible to cast votes on the matter. All appeals from the decision of the Steering Committee or facilitator at a face-to-face meetings shall be made immediately, and no appeal shall be in order after other business has intervened from the time of the alleged error of the Steering Committee or facilitator and before the appeal is sought. All appeals from the decision of the Steering Committee or Floor Manager when conducting business by email shall be made not later than midnight Pacific time, the third complete day after the publication to the votes list of the decision appealed.

6-10.5 Any member may have entered in the minutes a protest in writing based on any ruling so made. Said protest shall clearly and succinctly set forth the grounds of such protest and shall not exceed 200 words. It shall not impugn the motive of the body or any member thereof.

in its entirety, inserting in its place, the following:

Section 6-10 Appeal of Decisions Made by the Steering Committee
Regarding Proposals to the National Committee from states, caucuses
and/or committees

Decisions of the Steering Committee regarding proposals submitted
according to Section 6-1, made in regards to their timing, approval
thresholds and satisfaction of required criteria according to 6-3.2,
6-5.4, 6-5.5 and 6-6.5, may be appealed by the following process:

6-10.1 Appeals may be initiated after the minutes of the Steering
Committee decision in question are posted to the National Committee
Votes List and must be qualified no later than 72 hours after the
posting of those minutes.

6-10.2 All appeals must be initiated by a National Committee member
posting "I appeal the findings of the Steering Committee of regarding
the proposal from because this ruling is contrary to <6-x.x>" to the
National Committee Votes List. Any such appeal shall be considered
qualified if it is joined by at least four more National Committee
members as co-sponsors, such that there are at least five co-sponsors
in total from five different states and/or caucuses. The Secretary
shall post to the National Committee Votes List a recognition of
an appeal's qualification by listing the co-sponsoring delegates
and their states and caucuses.

6-10.3 Discussion of qualified appeals shall be for two days and
voting for three days. Discussion shall begin at midnight East Coast
time on the day an appeal has qualified, except when an appeal
qualifies after 11pm East Coast time, in which case discussion shall
begin the next day.

6-10.4 The appeal shall be put to the National Committee on the GPUS
Voting Page entitled "Proposal to Overturn Steering Committee
Findings" and stated as a proposal "Shall the National Committee
overturn the findings of the Steering Committee on
regarding the proposal from because this ruling is
contrary to . The proposal as stated shall also contain
the full findings of the Steering Committee in question. The Reference
section of the appeal shall contain the full text of the proposal upon
which the Steering Committee made its decision upon.

6-10.5 A majority 'yes' vote shall be required to overturn the
Steering Committee's findings.





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