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What are your influences?
12-14-2012, 08:28 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-14-2012, 08:33 AM by rloy.)
What are your influences?
How did you come to accept your current views?

One book that strongly influenced me is After Capitalism by David Schweickart. He explains how a socialist economy could operate without centralized planning of the Soviet sort. He also does a great job criticizing capitalism.

Anarchists like Pierre Proudhon and Emma Goldman have also heavily influenced me (though I am not an anarchist). So have several Deep Ecology writers.

What/who are your influences?
12-14-2012, 02:51 PM,
RE: What are your influences?
A lot of things have influenced me. Like I have said previously, I am a teen. Because of this things influence me greater than they might influence an adult. Some minor influences of mine are the daily show, the colbert report, and everyone commenting in this forum ;-). But the two main components that influenced me are my parents and books. My parents are moderate democrats, unlike me, for I would be considered a radical. But they did teach me acceptance and tolerance. While their economics are different than mine, they have been so supportive of homosexual rights, and other social issues. They have taught me that everyone is equal, and I can't thank them enough. Books have also made me who I am. The likes of the Jungle, Bartemeaus trilogy, Lies my Teacher Told me, and even Harry Potter. I recommend all these books.
The proletariat have nothing to lose but their chains. They have the world to win.
12-15-2012, 08:05 AM,
RE: What are your influences?
I'd say the music I listened to in middle school (Anti-Flag, NOFX, Strike Anywhere, etc.) and the comedians I discovered in high school (Carlin, Hicks, etc.) really shaped my leftist beliefs. The messages resonated with me and I could listen to them when no one would really listen to me. I could just never see myself as a hardcore conservative. Maybe it was subconsciously out of a desire to be different from almost everyone around me (I live in Kentucky. Not exactly a bastion of liberalism). In addition, my family didn't really try to influence my thinking, so I pretty much had to determine right and wrong for myself. Now that I'm about a month away from 20, I can say that college has taught me to question what I learn and find information on my own and share it with others (even if those others are blissfully ignorant). One of my polisci professors has given a good case for Marxist philosophies and I kind of took socialist ideals to heart.
“We are convinced that liberty without socialism is privilege, injustice; and that socialism without liberty is slavery and brutality.” ~Mikhail Bakunin

12-17-2012, 02:23 AM,
RE: What are your influences?
Overall, I would describe myself as a combination of liberal/progressive also with a strong attraction to forms of Libertarian-Socialism (Proudhon, Carson, Chomsky). My influences include the late David Brower and late Ed Abbey, as well as Kevin Carson, Noam Chomsky, and variety of people who would probably be best described as fitting under the Progressive tent, although I realize that trying to define "Progressive" is not easy to do in a way that is agreeable to all who claim the label. I am pretty frustrated with the label game, and it seems like the Green Party is open to a synthesis of left-leaning philosophies that otherwise might be somewhat adversarial (unfortunately) towards one another and unwilling to come together for common cause under other platforms.
12-20-2012, 06:55 PM,
RE: What are your influences?
The amalgam of life experiences that led me to the Green Party are too myriad to mention. In attempting to break down that long path to understanding for others however, there are several videos available on Netflix that I feel are moderately eye-opening in helping people take stock of where the future of humanity is headed, and how to affect it.

has interesting thoughts and commentary by several luminaries such as Stephen Hawking and Jane Goodall.

Watching feels like a call to action for everyone who doesn't like the way things are.
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