Dues as symbolic
08-30-2017, 03:02 AM,
Dues as symbolic
The paying of dues is symbolic of a commitment to an organization.  I am a Sustainer to both my state party and the national party because there is not a dues structure to allow me to express this commitment.  Were there a dues structure, I would participate gladly in it.  What is important is the symbolic component.  It allows me to say “This is mine.  I own it.  And it needs me.”  Money becomes not an object, but a means to participate in something I’ve committed to.  It is much more than merely a fundraising tool.

Would I also continue to be a Sustainer?  Probably.  It would depend on the level of the dues.  Thus, dues are used to symbolize commitment, donations are based on what I can afford.
08-30-2017, 07:04 AM,
RE: Dues as symbolic
Thanks Wes. I'm a (minimal) sustainer for the Green Party of New York.

In the past the national party had a state-sharing program, i.e. sharing a portion of donations with the states. I had begun to think that perhaps we could reverse the process, with states sharing a portion of their dues with national. However per a recent post on the natcom discussion list, that might be problamatical for legal reasons.


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