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What I learned from being a Green candidate
11-22-2012, 08:52 PM,
What I learned from being a Green candidate
This thread will function as an area where Green candidates should post their experiences running for office, and in some cases even getting elected! This will help others greatly who are considering running. So crack your knuckles, grab some coffee, and let us know of any insights you may have!
12-13-2012, 02:57 AM,
RE: What I learned from being a Green candidate
I would like to see content pertaining to awkward talking points or arguments that Green Party candidates and party members have had put to them. Especially for those who are newer to the party, there's nothing quite like being steamrolled by someone full of vinegar who has been rehearsing sound bites all their life. Even if you have answers to a lot of their questions, sometimes you catch a curve-ball that might otherwise derail you. Does anybody have anything that was particularly difficult to address because it might not be a part of the regular party Canon?
08-27-2013, 02:47 AM,
RE: What I learned from being a Green candidate
Dang, at first I thought this thread had over 300 replies, but that was just the number of views!

A common question for those running for higher partisan office (president, governor, Congress), is one that touches on the likelihood that your'e not going to win (the race). This is tricky, because you don't want to come out and say "I know I"m not going to win the race (unless enough people die in the right order)," but you also don't want to sound silly. Often, a good response can be along the lines of what you'd consider a "win," success, progress ("we have a good chance to getting X percent of the vote and gaining ballot status," "we hope to register X new members," " we want to get into the debates," etc). A woman running for governor in my state had what I thought was a great response: "I can't promise you I'll win, but I can promise you the chance to vote for the values you believe in."

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