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GPFL Web Team Open Discussion
05-19-2014, 09:38 AM,
Tongue  GPFL Web Team Open Discussion
This is an open discussion concerning the Florida Green Party's State Website. We have a private forum we use, but this forum I think could benefit us by networking with other counties and states. We are using wordpress for our site, so any people who are knowledgeable with this program are encouraged to make helpful suggestions.

My suggestions for improving our state's website
gpfl dot org are the following....

(Monday May 19, 2014)

To Do List:

1. Move specific things off of home page to make room for creation of a fresh new home page more appealing to the eye with succinct info about us along with an image perhaps

2. Upload website banner/header with FL logo (there are 3 that have been created by web team but have not yet been uploaded onto our site)

3. Upload Calendar page and put info of all state meetings of all local affiliates, state meeting and national 30 yr anniversary meeting in july.
Link with text link from calendar to page with more info ie. AMM June 7-8
There is 2 plugins that have been selected by web team person we need to choose one and install it.

4. Update Officer page, there has been a couple seat resignations last month that need to be revised and some contacts changed. as of my email to co-chair yesterday it looks as though the officer page has been deactivate which is o.k. for now but will need to be re-uploaded after revision.

5. Create New "Articles" page with tab on top row. Move all articles from home page to here

6. Create new "Event" page and move all info from home page to here ie. AMM flyer and info

7. Create new "INFO" tab with drop down text links to these pages:
- bylaws
- constitution
- county board
- the art of...
- tools
and also maybe delete this tab and include it with this drop down menu list
- GPFL Platform (this page is drab - the tab could be deleted or replace w/this new INFO tab I am suggesting)
{{{ By consolidating these on their own top row tab, we can delete the text links on the home page whereas all the other links on that left column already have tabs on top and is redundant and wasting space}}}

8. clean up "Links" page
(this page has affiliates on it, but affiliates have their own tab and page. It is redundant info that can be deleted)

9. Green New Deal should perhaps be on our home page. It is our strongest and most diversified plan of action and perhaps put a "summary of the GND" on the home page and then have a separate new tab and page for the GND in full transcript or downloadable PDF.

10. Perhaps put updated officer info on same page as affiliates. or a drop tab with text links that go to state officer page and local affiliate/delegate page. Name of single tab could be "Officials"

11. New "Register NOW" tab and page

12. Create a blog page for discussion or link to this forum!

In conclusion:

By getting rid of the text links in left column on home page and putting articles and events on their exclusive new pages I proposed above, we will have an empty home page we can make appealing to the eye and give a good first impression to all the new viewers and potential new Green Party members.

Our goal is to have people register Green in our state and our home page is our the first impression we give to those newcomers.

We could fit 11 tabs on top row max.
some tabs could have sub section or drop down menu or page with text links ....however is most doable in wordpress

new list of tabs:

1. HOME (State Green Candidates, Green Initiatives, ???)
2. ABOUT US (History, 10 key values, summary of GND)
6. OFFICIALS (State and Locals - names & contact info)
9. INFO (GND, Platform, bylaws, constitution, etc.
{{maybe also:county board, the art of..., tools}}}
10. LINKS (social media, local affiliate webpages & National perhaps even state green links )
11. CHAT (blogs, chats, forums such as these, social medias such as twitter, youtube, facebook, etc.)
Onward & Upward!

-Chris E.
Green Party of Florida/Tampa Delegate - GPFL Web Team - Graphic Designer Volunteer

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