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21 reasons why katija gruene must run for (Co)President of the United States in 2,020
01-29-2017, 08:31 AM, (This post was last modified: 05-15-2017, 05:40 AM by JillandCheri2016. Edit Reason: i changed 20 to 21 in subject )
21 reasons why katija gruene must run for (Co)President of the United States in 2,020
katija gruene (formerly named kat swift) is:
1,marvelous at teaching and so katija gruene be able to teach people and the Electoral College how to achieve democracy;
2, good looking;
3, has experience campaigning for President of the United States before;
4, sweet & nice & caring;
5, got her belief system of: enlighten not frighten, care not scare, happiness not hate, activism not anger, and kindness not killing;
6, healthy;
7, knowledgeable of the issues;
8, liked by the media;
9, got a record of speaking about how the United Nations said that the worst problem on gaia is domestic violence against women so katija gruene will gain women's votes;
10, attractive and so men will vote for katija gruene;
11, wanting children well cared for and so the children that know about katija gruene of which said children are now adults (or will be adults on Election Day of 2,020) will vote for katija gruene;
12, courageous when campaigning and thus she'll get more votes;
13, knowing how to justly reward people for the goods and services that said people provide;
14, the person Green Party of the United States needs to "jumpstart" it in 2,020 since people are now demoralized because of the Presidential Election of 2,016;
15, honest;
16, endorsed by serenis (the magic goddess that encompasses all of eternity) and serenis says katija gruene will be the best President of the United States or CoPresident of the United States ever elected in 2,020
17, she has magical powers
18, she has a good sense of humor since her favorite animal noise is that of a monkey
19, she values our ten key values of: Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice And Equal Opportunity, Ecological Wisdom, Non-Violence, Decentralization, Community-Based Economics, Feminism And Gender Equity, Respect For Diversity, Personal And Global Responsibility, Future Focus And Sustainability
20, abides by her code of fair campaign practices
21, she has been living in poverty and therefore she understands persons' poverty problems
i'm utterly certain we should nominate a council of CoPresidents and CoVice Presidents in 2,020 of mostly women lead by katija gruene; i verily want all of us Green Partiers to have safeful & successful & healthy & happy & prosperous lives Heart Shy

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