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41 ideas to improve the popularity of the Green Party
01-29-2017, 09:16 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-03-2017, 04:16 PM by JillandCheri2016. Edit Reason: more text i typed )
41 ideas to improve the popularity of the Green Party
before you read the 39 ideas for GP, consider using cursive font style because cursive style appears more peaceful looking than your current font style, consider using lower case letters whenever possible like the way katija gruene and myself do because upper case letters (capital letters) promote capital destruction and upper case letters are difficult to read

since the GPUS Young Greens want to abolish capitalism, how do you each feel about two more key values that are: long lasting wisdom and beneficial achievements? also, how do you feel about the following ideas made by non-capitalism manufacturing

 1, various clothing including hats, suspenders, neckties, belts, shoes, sandals, flipflops,tuxedoes (yes there're men such as myself that care about GP also), wedding dresses, and boots
 2, candy and candy bars shaped like GP nouns
 3, wallpaper
 4, bumper stickers
 5, a GP webring
 6, 10 key values (or a value of 10 key values) buttons to wear
 7, screensavers
 8, cereal
 9, CDs or DVDs of GP affiliations' dance video
 10, posters
 11, calendars with a caption each month that talks about a key value, swimsuit edition of 12 key values would sell well and get many more people to vote but no naked pictures
 12, dolls, especially life size dolls of GP candidates & other members
 13, clocks
 14, furniture
 15, towels & washcloths
 16, lampshades
 17, watches
 18, school supplies especially notebooks & folders & pencil cases
 19, GP comics (i remember reading an article in Green Pages about a guy that got sentenced to prison for years just because he stole a box of videotapes while another guy got off with a punishment after that latter guy cheated $ bigtime) and GP related crosswords in newspapers
 20, jokes in newspapers that encourage people to vote for GPwise
 21, GP related hashtags
 22, wearable netsuits with weights (they can be made from goat silk with aluminum covered iron weights attached to them)
 23, curtains
 24, carpets and rugs and welcome mats
 25, shopping bags, trash bags, and recycle containers and other containers
 26, cups & bowls & plates & spoons & forks & knives
 27, pictures & carvings of pictures on picture frames
 28, mattress covers, bedsheets, pillowcases, and vehicle covers
 29, a sign in your yard that says:
 Vote Green Party
 because that's the
 best political party.
 30, GP paintings in all museums
 31, use facebook for GP related webpages that can each have many friends
 32, a dowloadable GP app
 33, get a GP book in every library
 34, GP hot air balloons
 35, signs that say
  Vote Green Party
 because that's the
 best political party.
 fireworks display or laser light display in the sky on New Year's Eve to be broadcasted on TV for newest outlook on political planning
 36, a new GP anime TV or internet show that shows what the GP can theoretically accomplish
 37, GP lunchboxes
 38, GP purses & billfolds or wallets & suitcases & computer cases (made from graphene if possible)
 39, GPUS website address on nouns
40, glow in the dark versions of above
41, link to videos of foodfights on because humor is a great way to attract more people to GP
i'm utterly certain we should nominate a council of CoPresidents and CoVice Presidents in 2020 of mostly women; i verily want all of us Green Partiers to have safeful & successful & healthy & happy & prosperous lives Heart Shy
Yesterday, 07:56 PM, (This post was last modified: Yesterday, 11:13 PM by Mythic.)
RE: 41 ideas to improve the popularity of the Green Party
I like the 32, a downloadable GP app idea. Not that there's anything wrong with the rest, that was just the one i liked best. You could have sections for news, candidates, different states and what's going on there, useful random information most people don't know these days, in depth platform information. It would probably be easier to dispense information to the most people and i doubt would cost that much to run, i don't really know the numbers for that stuff though. I don't use social media, but i do use apps, i wonder how many other people are like that.

36 is interesting, i have an idea for a comic series and wrote the first issue of something sort of similar. It has zombies and vampires and stuff, seriously. Called right wingers suck, just the title i liked. it's an offshoot from another series i have planned out using character histories. No, i don't write comic books, i do it for fun, no one has seen the scripts and i can't draw, i just like to write stuff now and then.

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