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02-08-2017, 03:51 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-08-2017, 04:03 PM by Mythic. Edit Reason: link )
One post from 2013, encouraging. Maybe the first thing we need to do is get people on these forums?

Do the ohio greens have anything going for 2018? Kasich was terrible, and it looks like dewine thinks he's going to take kasich's place. I live in ohio, but i don't belong to the party. I'm going to talk quite a bit about economics above in the general discussion area, but this is something the candidates of this state need to be talking mostly about, if there are any. On the top of my head is when kasich said in an interview he wanted to bring big businesss into the welfare office so they could more easily take advantage of the cheap labor, or in other words the citizens of ohio. Also worth a mention is all the people we've cut from food programs and how little of any actual cash assistance anyone is getting. Make the small business owner understand that they make more money when the citizens can get the things they need. Almost all money given to the lower half of the spectrum will end up with small businesses in ohio. They should not be slaves to the state to get those benefits either, slavery and involuntary servitude were outlawed via the constitution and the 13th amendment.

Here's the information so far:

Quote:Ohio gubernatorial election, 2018

The 2018 Ohio gubernatorial election will take place on November 6, 2018, to elect the Governor of Ohio, concurrently with the election of Ohio's Class I U.S. Senate seat, as well as other elections to the United States Senate in other states and elections to the United States House of Representatives and various Ohio and local elections. Incumbent Republican Governor John Kasich is term-limited and cannot seek re-election to a third consecutive term.

Republican primary



Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General and former U.S. Senator[1]


Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State[2]
Jim Renacci, U.S. Representative[3][4]
Mary Taylor, Lieutenant Governor of Ohio[5]

Democratic primary



Joyce Beatty, U.S. Representative[6]
Armond Budish, Cuyahoga County Executive and former Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives[6]
Jennifer Brunner, Ohio Tenth District Court of Appeals Judge, former Ohio Secretary of State and candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2010[6]
Michael Coleman, former Mayor of Columbus[6]
Richard Cordray, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and former Ohio Attorney General[7][8][9]
John Cranley, Mayor of Cincinnati[10]
David Leland, State Representative and former Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party[6]
Bill O'Neill, Ohio Supreme Court Justice and nominee for OH-14 in 2008 and 2010[11]
Connie Pillich, former State Representative and nominee for Ohio State Treasurer in 2014[7]
Todd Portune, Hamilton County Commissioner[12]
Tim Ryan, U.S. Representative[7][13]
Joe Schiavoni, Minority Leader of the Ohio Senate[7][10][14]
Jerry Springer, talk show host, former Mayor of Cincinnati, nominee for OH-02 in 1970 and candidate for Governor in 1982[6]
Betty Sutton, Administrator of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation and former U.S. Representative[7]
Nina Turner, former State Senator and nominee for Ohio Secretary of State in 2014[15][16]
Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton[17]
Jay Williams, Assistant U.S. Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development and former Mayor of Youngstown[18]
Declared and potentials follow, visit the link if it shows up(?). I guess i'm not allowed to post links, so i copied what was there.
Yesterday, 08:15 PM,
RE: 2018
Quote:The Green Party of Ohio Issues Call for Candidates for the 2017 & 2018 Elections

The Green Party is looking for progressives to run for elected office in 2017 and in 2018. An off-year election, 2017 provides opportunities for many local offices from city councils to school boards to township trustees. The filing date is fast approaching for many city council races, in some of the larger cities the filing dated has passed.

In 2018, seats in the US Congress, the Ohio State Senate and House of Representatives, and other local offices are up for election. To be competitive for these seats candidates need to begin their campaigns early.

If you or someone you know is thinking of running, please contact your local Green Party, the Green Party of Ohio or our Political Director Joe DeMare.

All across the country hundreds of Green Party candidates will be challenging the two corporate parties. This will be a great time for someone to learn the art of running for office, and a smart, energetic person can win. We are looking for people who are under-represented in elective offices such as women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, gays and lesbians, people with disabilities, and young people. We are also looking for volunteers to work with the candidates.

Green office holders in 23 states and the District of Columbia are hard at work for the voters who elected them. They are creating public policy on important issues including civil rights, a living wage, affordable housing, alternative voting systems, peace, and the environment. They are opposing urban sprawl, fracking, and expansion of corporate power. Green office holders ran to make an immediate impact on their communities as town council members, county commissioners, and school board members. These Greens reached out to voters of diverse backgrounds and brought together coalitions of community organizations and individuals to begin to reclaim their local governments.

Contact Green Party of Ohio’s Political Director Joe DeMare at 419-973-5841 or
Submitted 1 day 21 hours ago by PhilM.

Let's get someone that fits the profile they're looking for, you know what i mean. Btw am i ever going to be allowed to post links or is that banned mow because of trolls? Kind of annoying putting xx in there and making people have to change it to tt.

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