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Candidates for Office of
State House of Representatives
Year: 2003

Summary Of 2003

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Beth BonnerOffice:   State House of Representatives
District:   District 99
State:   Pennsylvania
Election date:   3/18/2003
Elected:   No
Hugh EscoOffice:   State House of Representatives
District:   District 8
State:   Georgia
Election date:   11/4/2003
Elected:   No
Larry SawdyOffice:   State House of Representatives
District:   District 3
County:   Erie
State:   Pennsylvania
Election date:   7/22/2003
Elected:   No
Richard WunschOffice:   State House of Representatives
District:   65
City:   Hillsdale
State:   Michigan
Election date:   5/20/2003
Elected:   No

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