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Voting History

Delegation Status Name Votes
AlabamaRetired DelegateRob Collins44
Black CaucusRetired DelegateThomas Muhammad18
CaliforniaRetired DelegateMarla Bernstein12
CaliforniaRetired DelegateDavid Blatte10
CaliforniaRetired DelegateMike Feinstein54
CaliforniaRetired DelegateJames Lauderdale1
CaliforniaRetired DelegateAjay Rai13
CaliforniaRetired DelegateTor Thorsen41
ColoradoDelegateAndrea Merida14
DelawareRetired DelegateDavid McCorquodale66
District of ColumbiaRetired DelegateDaryl Moch3
FloridaRetired DelegateAnthony Lorenzo3
GeorgiaDelegateHugh Esco89
GeorgiaRetired DelegateNannette Garrett54
GeorgiaRetired DelegateRegina Muhammad13
HawaiiRetired DelegateBob Jacobson1
IllinoisRetired DelegateTerry Campbell26
IowaDelegateHolly Hart95
KentuckyRetired DelegateAndi Wojciechowski2
Lavender CaucusRetired DelegateThomas Leavitt5
Lavender CaucusRetired DelegateJay Parks8
Lavender CaucusRetired DelegateTor Thorsen15
Lavender CaucusRetired DelegateCathi Woodward1
LouisianaRetired DelegateLes Evenchick20
MarylandDelegateTim Willard12
MarylandRetired DelegateLeenie Halbert-Venet1
MassachusettsDelegateDavid Gerry20
MassachusettsRetired DelegateOwen Broadhurst29
MichiganRetired DelegateMatthew Abel57
MinnesotaRetired DelegateSteve Linnerooth3
MinnesotaRetired DelegateKristen Olsen24
MissouriRetired DelegateDee Berry42
MissouriRetired DelegateBen Kjelshus30
NebraskaRetired DelegateCharles Ostdiek7
NebraskaRetired DelegateCharles Ostdiek4
New JerseyRetired DelegateGregory Giacobe35
New JerseyRetired DelegateGary Novosielski21
New YorkRetired DelegateFred Bays32
New YorkRetired DelegateJason Nabewaniec55
New YorkRetired DelegateRoger Snyder67
OhioDelegateAnita Rios4
OregonRetired DelegateErik Douglas16
PennsylvaniaDelegateKristin Combs2
PennsylvaniaDelegateCharles Sherrouse46
TennesseeDelegateTrevor Miles2
TennesseeRetired DelegateKatey Culver33
TennesseeRetired DelegateHoward Switzer17
TexasDelegateHunter Crow2
TexasDelegateWesson Gaige2
TexasRetired DelegateEsther Choi62
TexasRetired DelegateKatija Gruene2
VirginiaRetired DelegateAudrey Clement85
VirginiaRetired DelegateSid Smith14
WashingtonRetired DelegateJody Grage Haug30
WisconsinDelegateBruce Hinkforth16
Women's CaucusRetired DelegateMorgen D'Arc19

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