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Ranked Choice Vote ID1137
Ranked Choice Vote2023 Coordinated Campaign Committee Election - Not Women
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats3
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorHolly Hart
Discussion03/20/2023 - 04/10/2023
Voting04/11/2023 - 04/17/2023
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Candidates Scott Laugenour
Tom Mair
Tom Wakely
Keil Corkran


Note: CCC elections ran late this cycle. Due to the nature of this committeeís work around the election cycles and the fact that elections have never taken place as scheduled, the committee is considering updating rules to call for elections to start a little later This will provide time for the committee to wrap up itís current work and time for new members to be elected and oriented as the new election cycle begins.


The Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC) is a standing committee of the GPUS that cooperates with state and local chapters in the support of federal, state, and local Green Party electoral campaigns through a variety of different programs and support functions.


The Coordinated Campaign Committee shall consist of 10 voting members drawn from the affiliated state parties and caucuses. The National Committee shall elect 5 members of the CCC and replacements for recently opened vacancies with an on line election to be held each year. Nominations will be called for by the Secretary of the GPUS each year two weeks after Election Day. A two week nominating period shall be opened, followed by one week of discussion and an on line STV vote using the GPUS voting page and following the procedures and protocols the GPUS uses to elect the Steering Committee. The 5 people elected each year via the regular election shall serve two year terms while those elected or selected to fill vacancies will serve out the term of the member they are replacing. In between annual December elections for the CCC the GPUS Steering Committee shall appoint Greens to fill vacancies.


The committee shall always have an equal number of women to other members on its roster, except when it has an odd number of members. Then its makeup can be +1 for any gender. The exception to this rule is that no member of the committee shall be asked or forced to resign from the committee in order to re-establish the balance. The balance will be re-established by adding members to the committee. Each year, the election to fill open seats on the CCC shall be two elections, one to elect up to 5 women to the committee, one to elect up to 5 open seats for men and nonbinary individuals. The number elected in any given year shall be determined by the nature of the vacancies in that year with the goal of having at least 5 women on the committee.Ē

No State Green Party or GPUS Caucus may have more than one member serving on the CCC at any time. State Parties and Caucuses must formally, in writing, nominate one of their members to serve on the CCC. No State Party or Caucus can nominate more than one person in any given year, nor can they nominate if a member of their state party or caucus will continue to serve on the committee after the filling of whatever seats are being filled. Nominations from State Party or Caucus officers are to be sent to the Secretary of the GPUS during the post November Election Nominating Period and when a vacancy is being filled, and the Secretary shall publish them on the votes email list.

The Coordinated Campaign Committee may also work with a pool of CCC Associates; these include one liaison from each affiliated state party not already represented on the CCC as well as staff or other persons necessary to the productivity of the CCC who shall be chosen as deemed appropriate by the CCC. Associates may participate in CCC discussions and meetings as needed but are not regular voting members of the CCC.

The responsibilities of the co-chairs shall include keeping the committee on task, maintaining a current roster of committee members, conducting votes, and communicating with CC and SC members for the BRPP committee and its subcommittees. Co-chairs shall submit formal monthly reports to the CC list detailing committee activities. The committee may create working groups and subcommittees.

More information:

There are Four Candidates running for Three seats open for Men and Nonbinary Persons:

Tom Wakely, New Mexico; nominated by GPNM 2/29/2023
Tom Mair, Michigan; nominated by Robin Laurain, 1/8/2023
Scott Laugenour, Washington; self-nominated, approved by GPWA 3/5/2023
Keil Corkran, Kansas; nominated by GPKS 3/6/2023

Candidate Information

Scott Laugenour
May, 2022 - Jan, 2023 GPUS CCC member
2022 - present GPUS International Committee member (Asia Sub-Group Member)
2022 - present: monthly financial contributor to GPUS
2015 - present: monthly dues-paying member of GPWA
2008 - 2015: registered Green-Rainbow Party (MA) voter
2000: first Green vote cast

Candidate/Campaign Experience:
2021 - present: GPUS CCC Associate for GPWA
2021: GPWA point person for Forks (WA) mayoral candidate Stephen Wright
2013 - 2015: Director of the Green-Rainbow Party (MA) Candidate Development and Legal
2012: Green-Rainbow Party Candidate for State Representative, Fourth Berkshire District of
2010: Green-Rainbow Party Candidate for State Representative, Fourth Berkshire District of
2009 - 2013: Treasurer for JD Hebertís Berkshire County (MA) Sheriff (partisan) and Pittsfield
(MA) City Council (non-partisan) campaigns
2008: Candidate for Lenox (MA) Select Board (non-partisan)

Other Green Party positions held:
Green-Rainbow Party Representative to the GPUS National Committee in 2011.
Green-Rainbow Party Membership Director in 2008-2009.
Elected Green-Rainbow Party State Committee Representative from the Berkshire Hampden
Franklin and Hampshire State Senatorial District 2011-2015

Career / Professional Background
I have worked as a teacher of English as a Second Language in Tokyo and in Hanoi, worked in
various front-line and in executive positions for Marriott International, and have run an art gallery
business. I have served on a number of boards in various fields, including several appointed
positions in town government. Presently I am retired, residing both in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
and in Reykjavik, Iceland. I am a registered voter in Washington State.

BA Liberal Arts, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Class of 1980

I was first elected to GPUS CCC in a special election in May 2022. I am eager to continue.
During the partial first term I helped organize the candidate cafe at the ANM, spearheaded the
candidatesí communications platform, re-activated the @gpusccc Twitter account,
conducted virtual office hours for candidates, and led a sub-group to develop the 2022
candidate survey. I hosted a CCC webinars on February 21, 2023. I have the time, skills, and
commitment to the Ten Key Values to serve. I wish to help GPUS and GPWA grow.

Contact / Social Media
Phone: +1 413 241 7327
Twitter: @scottlaugenour

Tom Mair

Tom Wakely
1972: I was Texas State co-chair for Ed Muskie campaign for President
1987: I was a member of the Harold Washington campaign for Chicago Mayor team
1989: I was elected to the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin school board
1996: I ran for Mayor in Manor, Texas (pop. 5,000)
2000: I coordinated David McReynolds Socialist campaign for President in Texas
2000: I was part of the team that got ballot access for the TX Green Party
2016: I was the TX Democratic Party nominee for Congress TX-21
2018: I entered the TX Democratic primary for Governor along with Michael Cooper, NAACP President in Beaumont, TX who was running for Lt. Governor. We tagged team across the state.
2020: TX Green Party nominee for Congress TX-21
Tom Wakely
Green Council, Green Party of New Mexico
National Council, Fellowship of Reconciliation
--Cell: 575-497-7228
Address: 2425 PlayThru Dr. SE , Deming, NM 88030

None Of The Above

Keil Corkran
My name is Kiel Corkran from the Kansas Green Party and Iím running for a seat on the national green party candidate election committee! To help give you a better idea of who he is and why you should vote for him to be part of the ccc we will go over a quick bio. This bio will help give a idea of his electoral activities within his local state green party, activities as a individual candidate within his state party , and also his overall motivations for joining this committee. Kiel is a co-chair of the national green partyís outreach committee where he has helped to lead efforts to support effects to grow local parties as he believes that the key is creating a greater presence of the green party within the public mindset. An example would be Kielís efforts to have the outreach committee help the North Carlina Green party with their efforts to get Mathew Hoe elected to Congress. Another example of this his efforts to put together a PowerPoint that help to explain our to get a local party going for those who were interested. Kielís activities for the Kansas state committee include running for a statewide office, Insurance Commissioner, where due to the lack of ballad access for the green party in Kansas he raided the democratic ticket and was able to make all the way to general election. Currently, he is helping to run the campaign behind the state party local campaign for our candidate for the Wichita School Board with plans next year to run for the stateís education board. Lastly, Kielís overall motivations for joining the ccc is that he believes that given his experience as candidatae, outreach efforts here in Kansas and on the national level, and desire to see the green party platform succeed that his addition to the committee would be a benefit for future green party campaigns and candidates.

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