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Voting ends at 11:59 pm Pacific time on Sunday. Daylight Savings Time is observed in season. No votes will be accepted in email or after the voting deadline.

Currently Under Discussion
ID 1018 - Platform Housekeeping Amendment Chapter III, Ecological Sustainability
Floor Manager: Tony Ndege
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ID 1019 - Committee Rules Amendment: Coordinated Campaign Committee
Floor Manager: Anita Rios
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Currently Voting
ID 1010 - endorse Alliance For Just Money AFJM Resolution 1
Floor Manager: Gloria Mattera
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ID 1011 - Amendment - Convention Rules, in response to COVID-19
Floor Manager: Tony Ndege
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Final Results for Recent Proposals/Ranked Choice Votes

IDProposalFloor ManagerResultDate
1017 Approval of Hillary Kane as Honorary Co-Chair Gloria Mattera Adopted -0/6-/2020
1016 Approval of Kenneth Mejia as Honorary Co-Chair Trahern Crews Adopted -0/6-/2020
1015 Approval of Trahern Crews as Assistant Election Administrator Margaret Flowers Adopted -0/6-/2020
1014 Approval of Gloria Mattera as Election Administrator Kristin Combs Adopted -0/6-/2020
1013 Approval of Mike Feinstein as Credentialing Facilitator Justin Beth Adopted -0/6-/2020
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