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Ranked Choice Vote ID1138
Ranked Choice Vote2023 Coordinated Campaign Committee Election - Women
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats3
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorHolly Hart
Discussion03/20/2023 - 04/10/2023
Voting04/11/2023 - 04/17/2023
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Candidates Nathalie Paravicini


Note: CCC elections ran late this cycle. Due to the nature of this committee’s work around the election cycles and the fact that elections have never taken place as scheduled, the committee is considering updating rules to call for elections to start a little later This will provide time for the committee to wrap up it’s current work and time for new members to be elected and oriented as the new election cycle begins.


The Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC) is a standing committee of the GPUS that cooperates with state and local chapters in the support of federal, state, and local Green Party electoral campaigns through a variety of different programs and support functions.


The Coordinated Campaign Committee shall consist of 10 voting members drawn from the affiliated state parties and caucuses. The National Committee shall elect 5 members of the CCC and replacements for recently opened vacancies with an on line election to be held each year. Nominations will be called for by the Secretary of the GPUS each year two weeks after Election Day. A two week nominating period shall be opened, followed by one week of discussion and an on line STV vote using the GPUS voting page and following the procedures and protocols the GPUS uses to elect the Steering Committee. The 5 people elected each year via the regular election shall serve two year terms while those elected or selected to fill vacancies will serve out the term of the member they are replacing. In between annual December elections for the CCC the GPUS Steering Committee shall appoint Greens to fill vacancies.

The committee shall always have an equal number of women to other members on its roster, except when it has an odd number of members. Then its makeup can be +1 for any gender. The exception to this rule is that no member of the committee shall be asked or forced to resign from the committee in order to re-establish the balance. The balance will be re-established by adding members to the committee. Each year, the election to fill open seats on the CCC shall be two elections, one to elect up to 5 women to the committee, one to elect up to 5 open seats for men and nonbinary individuals. The number elected in any given year shall be determined by the nature of the vacancies in that year with the goal of having at least 5 women on the committee.”

No State Green Party or GPUS Caucus may have more than one member serving on the CCC at any time. State Parties and Caucuses must formally, in writing, nominate one of their members to serve on the CCC. No State Party or Caucus can nominate more than one person in any given year, nor can they nominate if a member of their state party or caucus will continue to serve on the committee after the filling of whatever seats are being filled. Nominations from State Party or Caucus officers are to be sent to the Secretary of the GPUS during the post November Election Nominating Period and when a vacancy is being filled, and the Secretary shall publish them on the votes email list.

The Coordinated Campaign Committee may also work with a pool of CCC Associates; these include one liaison from each affiliated state party not already represented on the CCC as well as staff or other persons necessary to the productivity of the CCC who shall be chosen as deemed appropriate by the CCC. Associates may participate in CCC discussions and meetings as needed but are not regular voting members of the CCC.

The responsibilities of the co-chairs shall include keeping the committee on task, maintaining a current roster of committee members, conducting votes, and communicating with CC and SC members for the BRPP committee and its subcommittees. Co-chairs shall submit formal monthly reports to the CC list detailing committee activities. The committee may create working groups and subcommittees.

More information:

There are One Candidates running for Three seats open for Women

Nathalie Paravicini, Oregon; self-nominated, 1/2023, proved by PGP or Oregon

Candidate Information

Nathalie Paravicini
Personal background: Born in Switzerland, raised in Venezuela by a French mom. I worked
professionally in the healthcare sector for ten years specifically with the Mexican and Latino community.

This background has given me an intimate understanding of the dynamics of the Latino community. While in Texas, Houston (20+ years), I worked closely with the African American community to whom I’m indebted for teaching me about privilege.

Professional background: I have always worked for myself; my first entrepreneurial venture was at 20nyears old. I currently practice as a PCP and Naturopathic Doctor, with a specialty in behavioral health disturbances. I address neuroimmune encephalitis or impaired function by evaluating for metabolic imbalances (including hormones and congenital disturbances like EDS), deficiencies, exposures (mold,metals), chronic infections and complex trauma/PTSD. I have experience working in interdisciplinary
teams as well as participating in public health initiatives. for more info.

Community organizing background: I am known for being a very good organizer and for having high ethical standards and being fair. I was involved in helping bridge the gap between ASGP and GPUS around 1999; create various consensus positions and mediate a number of conflict situations. As the first Secretary of GPUS I helped bring order and functionality to the national listservers and the voting process still in use today.
Post WTO in 1999, I traveled Texas by bus; then became the lead organizer of the ballot access petition drive. We collected 76,000 validated signatures from registered voters who had not voted in the primaries, in 75 days (legal requirements) while helping organize eight vibrant locals; then ran for office and supported other races.
After a 10 year hiatus to take care of my family, I became involved again in Oregon in 2017. I found a party that was in disarray (no regular meetings, history of divisive disagreements). We now have a functional SCC and three active committees meeting regularly (organizational chart) with established procedures for coordinated action and recruitment/integration of new volunteers. I ran for Secretary of State as a newcomer in 2020, securing ballot access for another four years.

Why my interest in the CCC and BRPP?
When getting involved again at the national level, I found it difficult to plug into the work of GPUS committees; there seems to be a lack of coordination between committees and also between states. The organizing lists are not functional (IMO). Based on my experience, my objectives are to:
1) Review communication platforms and guidelines, consider migrating to something that better meets GP needs for both transparency and coordination/involvement (eg
2) Leverage the great work that has already been done by the CCC, particularly training webinars, campaign materials. I would like to help amplify media and promotion of these events/tools across states. Right now great work gets done but few people hear about it
3) Share and develop best practices and help implement those across states; have regional GP cooperation. It appears some states are well organized, others are struggling. We need to be prepared to work in tandem for 2024; without reinventing the wheel in every state.

None Of The Above

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