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Ranked Choice Vote ID1149
Ranked Choice VoteElection of 2024 PNC Credentials Committee, Second Round
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats5
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorHolly Hart
Discussion07/10/2023 - 07/23/2023
Voting07/24/2023 - 07/30/2023
Presens Quorum 0.6666


The general charge of the Credentials Committee is to facilitate the credentialing of delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention of the Green Party of the United States.
The Credentials Committee is governed by the Rules, Policies & Procedures of the Credentials Committee, as approved by the National Committee through the adoption of Proposal #330 and as amended by Proposal #1031.

A Credentials Committee shall be elected by the National Committee to serve each Presidential Nominating Convention. The committee shall serve from the time of their election and until twelve months after the adjournment of each Presidential Nominating Convention.

2-1.1 The Credentials Committee shall consist of not more than fifteen members.

2-1.2 No more than two members of the committee shall be from any one state. Members of the National Committee, in the election of the Credentials Committee, are urged to give preference to maximizing the number of states participating in the work of the Credentials Committee.

2-3.2 Beginning in 2011 and for subsequent Presidential nominating cycles, elections for committee member shall be held in April of the year preceding the Presidential Nominating Convention. If all seats are not filled in the first election, a second election to fill the remaining seats shall be held three months later. If all seats are not filled by the second election, the committee shall proceed to function with as many members as have been elected, except that subsequent elections to fill vacancies may be conducted as herein provided.

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