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Ranked Choice Vote ID612
Ranked Choice Vote2011 Election for GPUS Steering Committee Co-chairs
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats4
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorHolly Hart
Discussion07/19/2011 - 07/29/2011
Voting07/30/2011 - 08/06/2011
Presens Quorum 0.6666
Candidates Thomas Muhammad
Darryl Moch
Farheen Hakeem
Leenie Venet Halbert
Susan Chunco
Mark Swaney


This signals the second entirely online election of the GPUS Steering Committee. This ranked choice vote is to elect 4 Co-chairs to the Steering Committee.

About Steering Committee Elections

GPUS Bylaws, article IV. The Steering Committee

GPUS Rules & Procedures, Section 1. Powers of Steering Committee

Candidate Information

Thomas Muhammad

Black Caucus

Mr. Muhammad is a native of Dallas Texas where he attended Dallas Public schools. He has a Degree in Computer Science and Software Data Analysis. Mr. Muhammad has been employed with the City of Dallas for twenty-two years (22) and is currently assigned as a Coordinator with the Administration for the City of Dallas Code Compliance Department. For decades he has been actively involved in numerous political campaigns partisan as well as non-partisan. Mr. Muhammad can be reached anytime at (214)-460-7672 or

• Among the many organizations Mr. Muhammad is involved are: Co-Founder and Board Vice President of South Dallas/Fair Park Inner-city Community Development Corporation (ICDC), Founder-Africans & African Americans for Enslavement Reparations, Founder African Arab Forum Institute, Member National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and Dallas/Fort Worth Association of Black Communicators (D/FW-ABC an affiliate of NABJ), a former Co-Chair the Texas State Green Party and currently Co-Chair of Green Party Black Caucus (GPBC), a Lifetime member Coalition for the Advancement of Civil Rights (CACR), Member-Coalition of Blacks to Maximize Education, Board member National Voting Rights Museum & Institute, Chairman, the National Black United Front (NBUF)-Dallas Chapter and he was appointed by District 9 School Board Trustee Ron Price to serve as a member of the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) Bond Advisory Committee responsible for accountable spending of the district’s $1.3 billion 2002 bond funds. The bond achieved 48% MWBE participation. Mr. Muhammad has been Re-appointed to the upcoming 2008 Bond Advisory Committee that bond package represents 1.35 billion.

• Mr. Muhammad has been awarded numerous community service awards among which are the Texas Peace Officers Association Unsung Hero, Operation Relief Center Man With A Vision, The Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development’s Strongest Supporter, Sister Clara Muhammad School Community Service, Inner-city Community Development Corporation’s Volunteer Appreciation, Islamic Association of North Texas’s Community Leadership Recognition Award, the Greater Dallas Community Relations Commission’s Outstanding Community Services Award.

• Mr. Muhammad has received dozens of proclamations and certificates from many prominent Texas leaders such as former Texas Governor Ann Richards, former Dallas Mayors Annette Strauss, Steve Bartlett and Ron Kirk, as well as former City Council members Diane Ragsdale and Al Lipscomb. He has received awards from prominent leaders such as Kathlyn Gilliam former DISD School Board Trustee and District 3 Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price.

Darryl Moch

DC Statehood Greens

*Darryl!* L.C. Moch, currently residing in Washington, DC, works as the
Executive Director of the Labor Heritage Foundation (an arts and culture
non-profit) and also provides consulting services to communities and
non-profit organizations. Darryl!’s is a member of UAW/ National Writer’s
Union. His work as an organizer has spanned the country. His current work in
DC includes arts and culture of the labor movement and other progressive
issues for working people, the poor, HIV/AIDS education/prevention, and
other issues facing communities most disenfranchised by local, regional, and
national political policies and laws. Darryl! holds BA in Theatre, Dance
and Psychology (Clinical counseling) and a Masters of Education in
Counseling from Alfred University ('91, '92); he also has earned a Masters
Of Fine Arts in Theatre: Directing ('96). He is also the Director of the
Charm City Labor Chorus.

Currently Darryl!, serves on the DC Statehood Green Party Steering Committee
(and is a delegate to the USGP National Committee), USGP Black Caucus, USGP
Plat Com, and USGP Media Committee. He recently ran for DC City Council in
the DCSGP primary. He continues to serve as adviser to campaigns and
candidates in various parts of the country. He was mentored early on in
politics by several legislators including and most notably Cynthia McKinney.

He has served communities as a psychotherapist, advocate, community
activist, performing artist, educator, political consultant, and ordained
minister. His passion is creating opportunities that will empower, expose,
and enlighten individuals and our collective communities. His activist and
advocacy work has been rooted in social justice, equality, and quality of
life issues for African-American/People of Color and minority communities,
children, youth, families, sexual minority constituencies, people living
with mental and physical challenges, the homeless, as well as people living
with, and/or affected by, HIV/AIDS.

Darryl!, is a leader and has developed and trained leaders as well as become
partners with and worked with community leaders on local, regional,
national, and international levels. He has consulted or worked for various
politicians and political campaigns, at every level.

Darryl!, is an ordained minister and has served in various organizations and
ministries across the country. His work centers on social change, social
justice, and equality for all people without distinction in order to ensure
a good quality of life for all people. He served as an Executive Director,
CFO, and/or board member for non-profit organizations including: ITLA,
Al-Sura, Inc., BroadArts Theatre, McKenzie River Gathering Foundation, MBK
(My Brothaz Keeper), Inc., and others. He is a former editor, copy editor,
program director, and features writer local and national magazines. He is
also part of the Center for New Community program Which Way Forward,
confronting anti-immigration wedge issues targeted to the African American
community. He is the founding secretary of the International Federation of
Black Prides, served on Pride committees, or as an adviser in Atlanta,
Portland, Toronto, Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington DC, Phoenix, Memphis,
Seattle, and others.

His motto: “*Remember to live in Love and let LOVE live in you, around you,
through you, and… **AS you.”*

* *

*Contact info:*

*Darryl! L.C. Moch*

*Email: *

*Cell : 678-592-8949*

PS if you are wondering, I have added the ! to my name as it represents the
energy I bring to the world. It's not a typo its a personal emphasis- not
meant to be verbalized or accented audibly.

Farheen Hakeem

Green Party of Minnesota

Farheen Hakeem has participated in the Green Party since 2002, knocking on
doors for a Green Party endorsed gubernatorial candidate. In 2004, she was
campaign manager for a congressional candidate that received about 6 percent
of the vote (approx. 18,000). Farheen ran for Mayor of Minneapolis in 2005,
being the only Green endorsed candidate ever in the race. Of the 12
candidates in the race, Farheen was the only woman, where she finished in
3rd place. The following year, Farheen ran for Hennepin County Commissioner
where she earned 30 percent of cast votes (approx. 17,000). At that time a
documentary was filmed about the campaign, which received a Student Emmy
Award (

In 2007, Farheen Hakeem was elected as a GPUS delegate and was one of the
founding members of Minnesotans for McKinney. Farheen left the group however
to run for State Representative where she came in second earning 30 percent
of the vote, while the Democrat received 60 percent and the Republican
received only 10 percent. Farheen Hakeem was a campaign manager for Jeanine
Estimé, Green Party endorsed candidate for City Council. Farheen recruited 2
out of the 6 candidates for city elections that year, both of which are
people of color and one of which is a woman. Estimé came in with 15% of
first choice votes, and over 50% in second choice votes in the city's first
IRV election.

Farheen Hakeem was elected as Co-chair to the National Green Party in August
of 2009, making her the highest-ranking Muslim woman political officer in
any political party in the United States. Here is what her supporters say:
"I have worked with Farheen on the Steering Committee over the last two
years, and think she is one of the best co-chairs that group has had. She
is always professional, and a person who can be counted on to offer to help
out or pitch in with whatever needs to be done. She is a good motivator
(helpful for fundraising or calls for volunteers). She is willing to
speak up for and articulate her point of view, but has always been
respectful of others and insists that others be, too. This has had a
definite, positive effect among members of the Steering and National
Committee." - Holly Hart GPUS Secretary for 6 years.

"Farheen is incredibly funny, intelligent and quick in response to often
complicated--and at times--obfuscating--talk by GP members. She has the
uncommon and invaluable ability to remain respectful, positive and direct
vis-à-vis another even as she might completely disagree with that person's
view. Because of this, Farheen is a very effective facilitator on these SC
calls. She insured that every member had his/her say, while also insisting
that no one person took too long a turn and/or dominated the group. She just
kept the agenda and work moving while injecting a liveliness and optimism
that is sorely needed at times on both the SC and NC." - Dr. Justine McCabe,
GPUS International Committee co-chair.

Leenie Venet Halbert

Arizona Green Party

My name is Leenie Venet Halbert. I am a native of Baltimore, and spent a
significant time of my adult life residing in New Orleans. I have also
lived overseas for several years, namely in The Gambia, West Africa,
France, and the UK. I am currently serving as a SC co-chair. I am an NC
delegate from Arizona, where I reside in Yavapai County with my partner
and our two sons. I am also a co-chair of the Arizona Green Party.

During the interim term I have served on the SC, I have been task oriented
and completed several initiatives. I collaborated with other SC members
and staff and helped us to find a more affordable office space and
identified places where we could save on monthly expenses. I am proud to
say that the GPUS is now saving nearly $1000 per month from these efforts.
In addition, I serve as an active liaison to five committees:
Merchandise, PCSC. BAC, Green Pages, and Media.

Prior to my assistance, the Green Pages had not been printed in two years.
I worked hard to make a new printing a reality. In my short tenure, I
have collaborated with the Green Pages Committee members on printing and
content. I assisted the committee in researching a new union printer, and
appropriated an expense authorization for printing 10,000 copies of the
Summer 2011 edition, which will be available for the 2011 ANM. In
addition, since the GPUS has few outreach materials available, I
collaborated on innovating a new format for the Green Pages which
incorporated a revamped, “Democracy is Coming to the USA” outreach
pamphlet, thus making the most efficient use of GPUS’ limited funds.

Further, in my role as PCSC liaison, I have assisted the co-chairs in
multiple tasks, including personally word processing and sending out over
40 presidential exploratory outreach letters and questionnaires. As a
Merchandise Committee liaison, I have helped in re-forming a dormant
committee, initiated the activation of a budget line and successfully
proposed a subsequent expense authorization for the purchase of new
merchandise. The committee is now poised to re-stock popular, out of
stock merchandise and create new designs and merchandise options which
help the GPUS in our Outreach and organizing efforts.

In the future, I am committed to assisting the GPUS and BAC in attaining
ballot lines in states with low thresholds. If I am re-elected to the SC,
I hope to focus my organizing skills on helping our party increase our
marginalized ballot access.

I have a rich and varied Green background. I have been voting as a Green
all of my adult life and have been registered as a Green in every state I
have resided in (Maryland, Louisiana & Arizona). In Louisiana, I served as
an Elections Coordinator for the Greater New Orleans Green Party, helped
to recruit candidates, and worked on multiple local campaigns, including
New Orleans School Board, Louisiana State Senator, State House
Representative, Sheriff, and Judicial positions. I also assisted a
candidate who filed a post-election fraud case in state court. In my
capacity with the Louisiana Greens, I served both as an At Large
Representative, a Representative for New Orleans and an interim Co-Chair.
I also served as a delegate for Louisiana to the GPUS International
Committee and at the 2004 GPUS Presidential Nominating convention in
Milwaukee. I subsequently helped recruit electors, fundraised for the
filing fee and served as an elector for the Cobb/LaMarche ticket. I helped
with organizing local events for that campaign, fundraising, and with
providing local housing and transportation for David Cobb.

The most significant Green Party experience I had whilst in Louisiana was
coordinating our party recognition and ballot status. I collaborated with
the Libertarian Party and helped lobby for changing the draconian laws
which precluded us from party status. After (amazingly) our collective
efforts succeeded and that law was changed, I coordinated raising money
for the required filing fee, and a several months long Green registration
drive so that we would be eligible for filing status. Once we attained the
qualifications, I coordinated our paperwork and filings with the Secretary
of State and worked on a successful media campaign alongside our
registration, which garnered considerable local and national coverage.

This is a wonderful article from a local reporter who wrote of his
experience attending our party recognition filing with my fellow Greens,
Malik Rahim, Steve Godfrey, Romi Elnagar and I.

"The Green Scene : Fueled by coffee and a mission, a group of activists
goes to Baton Rouge to legitimize the Green Party in Louisiana."

and some pictures

Only a few weeks later, Hurricane Katrina occurred. During that period of
time, I represented the Green Party in many interviews, including with the
Guardian, Boston Globe, San Francisco Gate, Free Speech TV, and Pacifica.
I worked with my Green colleague, Malik Rahim, doing grassroots relief
through Common Ground, and was part of its early days. I successfully set
up a feeding and relief station at my house in a closed off, militarized
section of the upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans, where I had lived for a
decade. I also spoke to Greens at a march in Washington DC and helped
secure over $30K in funds for computers for Common Ground from the French
aid organization, Secours Populaire.

This was a wonderful article from that experience that was written by a
Pulitzer prize winning journalist and published in NY Newsday:

"On a street named Desire: Doit-yourself activists, aiming to feed the
hungry, bring water to the thirsty and fix the broken homes of their

In addition, here is an article from GreenLine:

As a GPUS member, I also worked on getting petition signatures for NY
state ballot access. I’ve had the honor to march with Greens at the RNC
counter-demonstrations in NYC and the large UFPJ/Answer rallies in
Washington DC. I was also involved with the Georgia Greens initiated
Southern Greens Network.

After moving to Arizona and starting a family, I have served on the AZGP
state committee, helped with ballot access petitioning, hosted state
meetings, worked on organizing a Green local in my county, including
meeting facilitation, a teach-in at a local alternative high school, and
have done interviews on the Green Party with local AM radio, and a college
and a regional newspaper. I also have tabled at local colleges, liaised
with the Secretary of State, filed ballot petitions for our county, and
organized multiple movie nights and other outreach community activities. I
served as an elector for Cynthia McKinney in Arizona, tabled for her at
two college election events, helped to house her when she came to Tempe,
AZ with Hugh Esco, and participated in making hundreds of fundraising
calls for her in our state. I also worked on Green Change’s phone banking
for Malik Rahim’s campaign in New Orleans. I served on the Eco-Action
Committee, am currently serving on the IC and PCSC, and have been an NC
rep since November 2010 after serving as an alternate rep for nearly a
year. I have been serving as a state co-chair since May 2011.

Professionally, I have worked as a researcher in a breastfeeding and
reproductive health survey and taught at a local school in West Africa. I
also worked publishing public health books, and owned and operated my own
company for several years. I worked on a PBS television program on food.
Most recently, I spent several years working in music publishing,
licensing, and administration, and have managed multi-platinum catalogs,
worked for motion picture projects, and provided support services,
including tour management, for small and large performing artists.

I have degrees in Anthropology and Food Systems/Gastronomy. I am currently
working on completing a Human Nutrition degree via distance education and
the didactic requirements to become a registered dietitian.

I have been or are currently on non-profit boards, including a food
cooperative, farmer's market, women's empowerment, independent media, and
a health issue group. I have been involved in many social, economic, and
environmental justice issue based activism initiatives, and am currently
involved in the Indigenous Rights movement.

Finally, I have been a practicing vegetarian or vegan for nearly half of
my life, and practicing social and ecological justice in my daily life
choices is an integral part of my intentions.

I hope that all of you feel that you have gotten to know me as an
individual through this extended, biographical narrative. I wanted to
convey my commitment and loyalty to the Green Party and the greater Green
movement. I hope that my fellow delegates will look positively towards my
candidacy. I would be humbled to continue serving on the GPUS Steering
Committee and bring with me a commitment to party solidarity, a belief in
universalism and a feminist perspective.

Please feel free to contact me:
(410) 456-3216

Susan Chunco

Green Party of California

My background is strictly working class. I do not have a college degree. My job experience is varied - picking fruit, designing children's clothes, job costing, merchandising, supervisory positions with corporations, designing wedding cakes, catering, cleaning rich peoples' home and cleaning apartments in ghettos. This variety has been an education in class struggle in America.

I came to the Green Party in 1996, not having the stomach to vote for Clinton & not wanting to give up my right to vote. Since 2000, I have been active in the Green Party of Sonoma County, serving a few terms on the county council and as treasurer for about five years. I am currently assistant treasurer and volunteer to table at every opportunity.

Currently, I am a member of the Committee for Immigrant Rights of Sonoma County, the treasurer and organizer for the May 1st Coalition and an administrator & active member of Take Back the Wealth/Tax the Rich.

We need to unite and grow the Green Party. My feeling is that until we start asking questions before hurling accusations, we will only regress.

Thank you for considering me for the Steering Committee.

Mark Swaney

Green Party of Arkansas

The shortest version of my political bio is as follows; I am a lifelong
progressive, and a Green Party activist for the last ten years. During my
work with the Green Party of Arkansas we have won two lawsuits on ballot
access, with another one still pending on appeal, and fielded 36 Green Party
candidates. I was one of those candidates in 2010.
Can you tell that I am very proud of the Green Party of Arkansas? You
better believe it!
I think it is appropriate for me to state my reasons for wanting to serve on
the steering committee of the Green Party of the United States, and what I
hope to accomplish if I am elected.
I want to serve the GPUS because it is my political party, and I want to
work for it. The GPUS, by its very existence, and through its continuing
work to give Americans a progressive choice at the ballot box, is an heroic
organization of which I am proud to be a part. The Green Party inspired
progressives in Arkansas to found the Green Party of Arkansas in 1996. And,
on two crucial occasions, help from the GPUS "sealed the deal" on a
successful ballot access drive in Arkansas.
I hope to work with the SC to increase the effectiveness of the GPUS in the
following areas (not necessarily in order of importance);
1. Assisting state parties in achieving and maintaining ballot access
2. Fundraising
3. Electing candidates to office
4. Becoming a more efficient, professional, and effective political party
5. Communicating our political positions and philosophy to the people of the
United States and the world.
Our state parties need the national party to be stronger than it is in all
areas. A strong national party = strong state parties.
Mark H. Swaney
Age: 57
Affiliation: Green Party of Arkansas
Education: Master's Degree, Mechanical Engineering, University of Arkansas
Employment: University of Arkansas, full time since 1995, part time and as
a grad student 1990-1995.
Political Background prior to the Green Party: My political activity dates
back to 1971 when I registered for the draft as a Conscientious Objector to
the Vietnam War.
In 1986 in Orlando Florida I was instrumental in getting the city of Orlando
to amend their use of force policy in the aftermath of a fatal police
shooting of an innocent black man.
1990 - 1995 - I founded and was the leader of the Arkansas Committee, a
student organization on the campus of the University of Arkansas. The
organization aimed mainly at attacking government secrecy in general and
secret wars in particular. The Committee lead many political actions in
Arkansas, but is best known for informing the nation about the involvement
of Arkansas and Bill Clinton in the importation of cocaine into Mena,
Arkansas for the purpose of funding the Contras in Nicaragua.
1995 - 2000 - I co-founded and was the business manager of a progressive
newspaper, The Ozark Gazette. The OG printed 5,000 copies of the paper
every other week and distributed them in 4 counties. I also wrote several
investigative articles including: stories on corruption in an Arkansas state
bonding agency, pollution of drinking water in Northwest Arkansas by the
poultry industry, corrupt ties between Don Tyson and Bill Clinton, and
Walmart's use of slave labor camps in American territories to produce cheap
Green Party Experience: I joined the Green Party of Arkansas in March of
2001. I was instrumental in persuading the party to sue the state of
Arkansas for ballot access, and in September of 2001, the GPA won the
lawsuit in federal court and fielded its first ever local Arkansas
candidate, Sarah Marsh, for U.S. Congress in the Third District.
In 2002 and 2003 I worked with other Arkansas Greens, and especially Anita
Wessling, to revamp the organizational structure of the GPA.
In 2004 I was elected to the Executive Committee of the GPA and have
remained a member until this year. I have held various positions on the
Executive Committee including Treasurer and Coordinator (Chair of the
party). I attended the Green Presidential Nominating Convention in
Milwaukee as one of four delegates from Arkansas. Later in the year I
worked with other Arkansas Greens on a successful petition drive to have
David Cobb added to the ballot as a Presidential candidate.
2005 - 2006 I was a named plaintiff along with Rebekah Kennedy and the GPA
in another lawsuit in Federal Court on ballot access in Arkansas. The GPA
won that lawsuit, permanently improving ballot access in Arkansas. In 2006
I successfully coordinated the first ballot access drive that gave the GPA
full party status. In 2006 the GPA fielded 6 candidates for statewide
office. Rebekah Kennedy, and other Arkansas Greens were especially
instrumental in that effort.
2007 - 2008 As Treasurer of GPA, and as a petitioner, I participated with
other Arkansas Greens, including Rebekah Kennedy, and Mark Jenkins, in the
second successful ballot access drive for full party status. I also
collected the largest number of volunteer signatures in that drive, 870. In
2008, the GPA fielded 14 candidates for local, state and federal office.
During this time, I was also the Treasurer and Campaign Manager of Rebekah
Kennedy's campaign for the U.S. Senate. The campaign raised over $15,000.00
and achieved more than 20% of the vote. Also in that election, the GPA won
its first victory at the polls, electing Richard Carroll to the state
legislature. I again attended the GPUS Presidential Nominating Convention
in Chicago as a delegate from Arkansas.
2009 - 2010 As Coordinator of the GPA, and together with Mark Jenkins and
other Arkansas Greens, I directed the third successful ballot access drive
for the GPA. GPA raised over $12,000.00 to fund the effort. I was again
the volunteer with the most collected signatures in that drive, this time
over 1,200. In the 2010 election, the GPA fielded 13 candidates. I was also
a candidate for state legislator in that election, and I achieved 24% of the
vote in my race. In 2010, I was again a named plaintiff, along with Rebekah
Kennedy and the GPA, in a lawsuit in federal court on another ballot access
issue. That lawsuit is currently on appeal.
In addition to the above, since 2006 I have been the editor of THE GREEN
FLASH, the monthly newsletter of the Green Party of Arkansas. I am also the
faculty (staff) advisor of the Campus Greens at the University of Arkansas.
Other: In 2006, I was recognized by the Omni Center for Peace, Justice and
Ecology, a non-partisan progressive organization, as a "Peace and Justice
Hero" for "fierce devotion to principals of fairness for all people, and
your lifetime of tireless determination to see the world become a better,
wiser, and more humane place."
Mark Swaney
My home phone is 479-738-1077. I am frequently not home, people who wish to
call me should try on a week night after about 6:00 pm central.


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