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Ranked Choice Vote Details

Ranked Choice Vote ID762
Ranked Choice Vote2014 Election for GPUS Steering Committee Co-chairs
TypeSecret Ballot Revealed at Close of Polls
Number of Seats3
Ranked Choice Vote AdministratorTamar Yager
Discussion06/30/2014 - 07/18/2014
Voting07/19/2014 - 07/26/2014
Presens Quorum 0.6666
Candidates Audrey Clement
Karen Young
Charles Ostdiek
Bruce Hinkforth
Lora Friedenthal


This ranked choice vote is to elect 3 Co-chairs to the Steering Committee.

 About Steering Committee Elections

 GPUS Bylaws, article IV. The Steering Committee

 GPUS Rules & Procedures, Section 1. Powers of Steering Committee

The following link provides longer versions of Candidate Information:

GPUS Bylaws state: 6-2.1 Discussion shall commence 21 days before the Annual National Meeting. Voting shall commence on the Saturday the week before the Annual National Meeting and conclude on the Saturday of the Annual National Meeting, at 5pm in the time zone in which the meeting is held."
Therefore, voting will close at 5 p.m. Central Time, Saturday, 7/26.

Candidate Information

Audrey Clement
Audrey Clement is a long time Green Party leader with a Ph.D. in Political Science from Temple University, 1993. She is a veteran Green Party petitioner, having obtained more than 17,000 signatures on behalf of Green Party candidates and referenda across seven states since 2008. She is also a five-time candidate for local political office in Arlington, VA.

Audrey currently chairs the GPUS Ecoaction Committee and served previously on the Steering Committee between March, 2011 and July, 2012.

If elected Audrey will focus on ballot access and electing Greens to political office. She will also emphasize impartial administration of party rules as the best way to mediate conflict within the party.

Karen Young
State/Local Green Party:
New York/Brooklyn (Kings County)

How long in GP:
Since 2002

Offices held with Local/State/National Green Party:
GPNYS (2008-present): State Committee, Delegate GPUS, GP of Brooklyn (Kings County), NYC
ILGP (2002-2006): State Coordinating Committee, Media Coordinator, member of the Website and Strategic Planning committees, alternate delegate GPUS, GPUS Strategic Planning Working Group (2005), North Side (Chicago) Greens.

GP Committee Exp:
Extensive. Currently on GP Committees: Steering, Fundraising, Outreach, Strategic Planning, Merchandise, IT Advisory, Web Content.

Electoral Activities:
Ran for Secy of State, IL, 2006. Received about 4% of vote (140,000 votes). Treasurer of Colin Beavan for Congress campaign, 2012. Organized fundraisers.

Charles Ostdiek
 Founding member of Nebraska Green Party. NGP State Council Congressional District 2 Rep. and CoChair; current: National Committee Delegate and NGP Secretary.
  District 2 CoChair Legislative Issues Committee, Facebook Page Admin, Materials and Publications Committee, NGP newsletter Editorial Review Board, NGP public access show Co-producer.
  Electoral campaigns - U.S.: House, Senate; NE: Sec'y of State, State Auditor, Public Service Commission, Douglas County Board, Natural Resource District, and Omaha Public Power District.
  OPPD issues work: 7 electoral campaigns, success in changing policy of demand management and electrical generation sourcing. Local write-up: National reporting: My videography (Associate Producer):
  5yrs. collaboration w/Bold Nebraska and sovereign native american tribes to stop the Keystone XL pipeline project from endangering the Oglála Aquifer. Testified for GPUS before the US State Dept. in Kearney last year.
  CoChair GPUS SC; Liaison: International Committee, EcoAction Committee; Active in Finance Committee budget decisions '13; BRPP Committee '08-'11.
  B.A. Philosophy, Creighton University. Professional interest in pursuing a graduate degree in Comparative Philosophy.
  Vegetarian Chef Garde Manger at McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe (20yrs).
  Professional videography, Mr. Video Productions (5yrs), incl. 3 USAGymnastics Nationals and 2 USA Jr. Olympics.
  Ass't Mgr., Little King Deli '91-'93 and CGM of McFoster's managing training of new employees. I work with and educate persons, not work functions. When I've had problems with persons, I communicate and solve problems with them.
  I typically spend 10-20+ hrs. per week reading, researching and evaluating GPUS SC and NC business.

Bruce Hinkforth
Wisconsin Green Party
How long have you been involved with the Green Party:
Since 1986, 28 years. Founding member of the Milwaukee Greens and the Wisconsin Greens
Offices held with Local/State/National Green Party:
WIGP Co-Chair, 1992-1996, 2008-2010.
I have also served as Treasurer and Secretary for our state party on several occasions.
Green Party Committee experience (all):
Co-Chair, GPUS Platform Committee 2010 -Present. Member GPUS BRPP 2013-Present.
Wisconsin Green Party Platform Committee.
Electoral Activities:
Have you run for office in the past or do you plan to run for office in the next two years?
Elected UW-Whitewater Student Body President, 1978-1979, Served as a UW-Whitewater
Student Government Senator 1976-1980. Ran for Wisconsin State Assembly, 2005 and 2006.
Ran for Oconomowoc, WI. City council, 2008 and 2010. I plan to run for City Council again and
possibly Wisconsin State Assembly.

Lora Friedenthal
Lora is the current vice-chair of the Green Party of New Jersey,
which now has a majority female executive committee, and a member of the
Youth Caucus. She joined the Green Party two years ago after discovering
that her politics aligned with Jill Stein and has worked for GPNJ to
upgrade their website and internal record-keeping systems. She has
helped with the planning and logistics of GPNJ's last two conventions.
She was elected to represent GPNJ on the NC within her first year of
joining. On a national level, she helped reconstitute the Outreach
Committee in order to launch a rebranding campaign after discussions on
the forum proved this was of interest to many Greens. The campaign meant
researching designers, fundraising, and working with both state and
national representatives to ensure that many voices were heard. Outside
of the GP, she was worked for Oxford University Press for the last 3
years, first as a production editor and now as an associate project
manager. Both of these jobs are focused on managing projects with input
from many sources into a completed product.


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