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Proposal ID100
ProposalBlack Caucus Accreditation Approval - GPPA
PresenterGreen Party of Pennsylvania
Floor ManagerJo Chamberlain
Discussion05/24/2004 - 06/13/2004
Voting06/14/2004 - 06/20/2004
Presens Quorum29 0.6666
Consens Quorum40 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Whereas, the Black Caucus has fulfilled the requirements and has
submitted its applications for accreditation on March 10, 2004;

Whereas, according to paragraph 1.b: of the Accreditation Information posted on the GPUS
website When a caucus exists, and gains accreditation by GPUS, it sends an elected voting
delegate and an alternate to the GPUS Coordinating Committee, and up to three voting
members to each Standing Committee. Additional individuals from your caucus, with the
assent of your elected CC delegate, are welcomed to volunteer for GPUSs various working

Whereas, members of the Black Caucus have expressed a desire to represent our membership
and to serve the party on these standing committees, including Coordinating Committee,
Steering Committee, Diversity Committee, Personnel Committee, and the International
Committee, no avenue exists for full participation other than accreditation;

Whereas, the referenced paragraph of the Accreditation Information posted on the GPUS
website states, 3.d: Evaluation process: The AC shall notify the Coordinating committee
that the application has been received. The Accreditation Committee may request additional
paperwork, clarifications and assurances, in order to determine that the applicant party
satisfies the criteria listed below. The Accreditation Committee review process should be
speedy and non-bureaucratic. If we are to err, it should be on the side of permissiveness.
Applicant should experience Greens as a welcoming committee. The Diversity Committee will
assist the caucus in formation to complete the necessary documentation, working hand in
hand with the Accreditation Committee.

Whereas, paragraph 3.e: Report to and vote by the Coordinating Committee: states, Except
in extraordinary situations, the AC shall make its report to the CC in the form of a
formal proposal, within 60 days of the AC chair receiving a complete application.

Whereas, the Black Caucus has not been notified of any extraordinary situations, and 77
days and counting have passed and no recommendation has come from the Accreditation
Committee and the Diversity Committee;

Whereas, the Black Caucus Organizing Committee was hampered in its ablitity to move
forward with the African American Outreach Proposal due to policy and procedural conflicts
which for the most part would not have existed had the Black Caucus been accredited;

Whereas, the nominations for Standing Committee such as the Steering Committee will
close on May 24, 2004 and the Black Caucus would like to be an active particpant as well
as have a voice in the upcoming National Presidential Convention;

Whereas, the Diversity Committee and the Accreditation Committee have failed to meet its
obligation to respond to the Black Caucus request for accredition in a timely manner, the
GPPA would like to put forth the following proposal for immediate consideration.


The Green Party of Pennsylvania proposes that the Black Caucus Accredition
approval be put before the Coordinating Committee immediately to allow the Black Caucus to
have its representatives in place prior to the National Convention. A two-thirdıs majority
vote is required to approve an Identity Caucus.




Accreditation Information, Green Party of the United States (
Rules and Procedures of the Green Party of the United States Updated March 14, 2002. (
Ten Key Values of the Green Party.

The by-laws of the Black Caucus are at

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