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Proposal Details

Proposal ID102
ProposalBlack Caucus Accreditation Approval - AC/DC
PresenterDiversity and Accreditation Committees
Floor ManagerGreg Gerritt
Discussion05/31/2004 - 06/13/2004
Voting06/14/2004 - 06/20/2004
Presens Quorum29 0.6666
Consens Quorum54 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


To grant accreditation to the Black Caucus of the
Green Party National Committee, and to thereby provide that caucus a voting
delegate to the Coordinating Committee.


Acceptable and adoption of the Accreditation and Diversity Committees

1) The AC or DivCom has not seen any evidence of elections for the CC
representative or alternate, or the Diversity Committee representatives.
This needs to take place immediately. The Caucus should move forward with
their elections process. The Black Caucus-GPUS/CC representative cannot
concurrently be a GPUS/CC representative for a state party or other Identity
Caucus. The GPUS/CC can only seat the Black Caucus GPUS/CC representatives
once the election has taken place and this specific proposal passes.

2) Formally recommend that the Black Caucus become an accredited identity
caucus with the full rights and responsibilities reserved for GPUS
affiliated state parties with the passage of this proposal.




History and Bylaws of the Black Caucus.

A letter of application was delivered via email, on March 10. (Appendix A) This email included an excel attachment of 120 members from over 15 GPUS-affiliated state parties. A historical document was forward to the Accreditation Committee nothing their formation, but no information was forwarded regarding a formal vote to seek accreditation from within the Black Caucus. This information should be forwarded prior to the Black Caucus being seated.

An email with the Black Caucus bylaws was received on May 4 (Appendix B)

The remainder of the application package was delivered via email on May 12 (Appendix C)

The names of the 3 individuals who will represent the Black Caucus on the Diversity Committee need to be forwarded prior to the Black Caucus being seated.


Identity Group Formation: The Accreditation Committee became aware of the Black Caucus prior to the GPUS Convention in 2002. The Diversity Committee has been working closely with the Black Caucus prior to that time.

Receipt of Application: To our knowledge, a copy of the application package was not sent to the GPUS office, as described in the Identity Caucus Application Process. This proposal can serve as a complete copy, should the AC/DivCom proposal pass.

Committee Assignment, liaisons: The complete application was not received until May 12. The AC and DivCom assigned committee members on May 11. Ginny-Marie Case, from the AC and Anita Rios, from the DivCom developed the proposal. The application has been reviewed by both committees and is ready for CC approval.

Evaluation process: The AC notified the CC on May 12 that a complete package had been received.

Report to and vote by the Coordinating Committee: The application package was received in piecemeal, making it difficult to determine if the complete application had been received. Nevertheless, the AC and DivCom are presenting a formal proposal within the predescribed 60 days of the AC chair receiving a complete application. A complete application is one that includes all of the documentation necessary for the CC to make an informed decision and shall be considered received when the national office issues notices of its receipt to the applying caucus.

Criteria for Identity Caucus Membership in the GPUS

The Caucus must:

Accept of the four pillars of the international Green Party movement [ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy, non-violence], or the GPUSs Ten Key Values, as guiding principles.

Be organized and run in accordance with these values.

Be open to and reflective of natural members of the Identity Caucus.

Have held at least one meeting and will continue to hold such meetings not less than annually.

Have elected its leadership and delegates in a democratic and transparent manner.

Agree to support national candidates selected at the national Green Nominating Convention.

Maintain a current list of at least 100 members in 15 state parties with name, address and their state party membership.

Represent a historically disenfranchised or underrepresented and significant sector of the population.

Appendix A:
Begin forwarded message:

From: rhannon
Date: March 10, 2004 10:28:05 PM PST
To: Ginny Case , David Pollard

Cc: Michele&Rick Tingling-Clemmons
Subject: Fw: [gpusdiversity] Pleased to submit

On behalf of the Black Caucus, GPUS, I am pleased to submit a copy of our by-laws and membership list of 121 members from 19 states for accreditation. I will send them in two segments. This message has the membership list.

Michele Tingling-Clemmons, Co-Chair
Black Caucus, GPUS

Michele & Rick Tingling-Clemmons
4614 Central Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20019
Attachment: Black Caucus Membership List in Excel

Appendix B
Black Caucus of Green Party of the U.S. - By-Laws

Mission Statement: The mission of the Black Caucus of the Green Party of the United States (BC-GPUS) is to maximize the participation of men and women of African and African American descent in the political and policy-making process of the Green Party of the United States. It is further to introduce the Ten Key Green Values and the Green Party Platform to the African American community. The mission of BC-GPUS is to increase the participation and election victories in United States electoral politics of African and African Americans who support the GPUS Platform, and to ensure that the GPUS conducts and implements programs that concretize its platform in the interests of communities of African-American and African descent addressing community needs and disparities.

Membership: The BC-GPUS has two classes of membership or participation in its organization.

1. Full Membership: is reserved for African Americans and persons of African descent who (a) are registered voters having designated the Green Party as their party affiliation or are members of the GPUS or Campus Greens, (b) are registered Independent in states with laws that preclude recognition of or registration in the Green Party; and (c) whose contact information is forwarded to the BC-GPUS. Voting rights are granted after a member has participated in a BC-GPUS national conference call or national meeting. Other membership requirements, such as dues, will be decided by the membership.

2. Affiliate Membership: Other persons ineligible for full membership who are interested in the mission of the BC-GPUS, above, may participate in BC-GPUS activities. Affiliate members may participate in discussions with no voting or office holding privileges in the BC-GPUS.

Membership Meetings: Members are encouraged to participate in a once monthly membership conference call in addition to the annual GPUS convention, BC-GPUS annual planning meetings, BC-GPUS committees/work groups and national, state or local BC-GPUS events and activities. Members are especially encouraged to participation at the grassroots level.

Guiding Priorities: The BC-GPUS Membership will annually develop guiding priorities via on-line and mail surveys/suggestions, membership teleconference discussions and BC-GPUS annual planning meetings.

Decision-Making: The BC-GPUS will use consensus decision-making. If consensus is not possible, a two-thirds majority two-thirds majority will decide.

Gender and Generational Equity: The BC-GPUS will ensure gender and generational equity in all areas of its leadership, organization, programs and activities meaning that half of all leadership will be male and half female across generations.

Officers: The BC-GPUS Steering Committee shall elect the following national BC-GPUS officers: 2 Co-Chairs; a Recording Secretary; a Corresponding Secretary; a Treasurer; a Parliamentarian, and 2 Youth Ambassadors. (Young Ambassadors will be BC-GPUS members age 30 and under.) Terms shall be for one year without limit.

Steering Committee: The BC-GPUS Steering Committee shall be the decision making body of the BC-GPUS and shall operate in accordance with its approved by-laws, policies and procedures. All official actions of the BC-GPUS must be sanctioned by this body including endorsements, proposals for grants and financing, financial management, approval of new programs, campaigns and activities, hiring decisions and supervision of staff, official statements, media releases, public statements, appointment of BC-GPUS representatives to GPUS standing and ad hoc committees.

The BC-Steering Committee shall be composed of representatives from any affilliate international, state, local or Campus Green organization who hold a Full Membership in the BC-GPUS and has been duly elected, appointed or endorsed in accordance with a verifiable local process. A quorum for decision-making must include at least one Co-chair and 10% of the total Steering Committee membership from 3 different states.

Steering Committee Meetings: The BC-GPUS Steering Committee shall meet in-person at the annual GPUS convention and the BC-GPUS annual planning meeting along with at least monthly steering committee and monthly BC-GPUS general membership conference calls. Members and affiliate members may sit in, be asked for comments or reports, but are not included in decision-making of the Steering Committee. The caucus shall be responsible for assisting where necessary and as possible, participation of any member whose personal circumstances would otherwise preclude such participation.

Other Committees: The BC-GPUS Steering Committee may also establish other committees, working groups and other entities as are necessary to do its work. A committees membership, purpose and length of service will be established by the BC-GPUS Steering Committee. These committees will report to the BC-GPUS Steering Committee on a monthly basis or as determined.

Committee Meetings: These meetings shall be held at the convenience of the members of each committee. Members and affiliate members are encouraged to participate. Voting is limited to official committee members. Dates and times of such meetings shall be made public.

Elections of Officers: The terms of office shall be for one year, except in the case of Co-Chairs. After its initial full election, elections shall be held annually during the BC-GPUS meetings at the annual GPUS Convention. Elections shall be conducted through instant runoff voting with the option of voting None of the Above. Absentee voting may be allowed and accepted from an eligible voting member by a method(s) decided upon in sufficient time prior to the national convention of established members. Nominations will open 75 days before the Convention and remain open for 45 days. The ballots will then be sent out 10 days later, twenty days prior to the election. Voting may be conducted via mail, on-line, email, by telephone or at the BC-GPUS Annual Convention or Planning meetings. Ballots must be sent via mail or email to BC-GPUS Members at least twenty days prior to the election. Votes received after midnight of the Election Day shall not be counted. This may be amended by the BC-GPUS members as deemed necessary. No proxy voting is allowed but a member may vote in absentia.

Other Officers: The BC-GPUS may elect such other officers as needed and define their duties. Representatives to all GPUS committees (especially media, fundraising and finance) should be considered. Their term of office will expire when the term of current officers expires.

Co-Chairs: The male and female co-chairs shall be responsible for coordinating the affairs of the BC-GPUS and its staff, facilitating its meetings and representing the BC-GPUS as national spokespersons. staggered to ensure continuity of leadership. They shall be responsible for representing the interests, ideas and needs of the BC-GPUS as established by the BC-GPUS. Terms of the co-chairs shall be staggered in the interest of continuity, with co-chairs being elected for one year and two years in the 2004 election respectively, and each successive Co-chair serving two years each thereafter.

Recording Secretary: He or she shall be responsible for keeping and maintaining the minutes of the meetings, posting same in a timely fashion. Depending upon BC-GPUS membership demands, a stipend and/or reimbursements may be awarded to the recording secretary.

Corresponding Secretary: He or she shall be responsible for disseminating and maintaining official correspondence regarding meetings, agreements and other communications as needed. Depending upon BC-GPUS demands, a stipend and/or reimbursements may be awarded to the corresponding secretary.

Treasurer: He or she shall be responsible for the fiscal management of the BC-GPUS and provide a monthly financial report to BC-GPUS Steering Committee and an annual financial report to BC-GPUS Membership. The Treasurer shall be responsible for BC-GPUS funds personally or through monitoring bank accounts or GPUS Black Caucus Accounts, deposits and expenditures authorized by BC-GPUS Co-Chairs. If possible, the Treasurer should represent BC-GPUS on the GPUS Finance Committee.

Diversity Committee Delegate and Alternate: They shall be responsible for representing the interests, ideas and needs of the BC-GPUS on the Diversity Committee of the GPUS. In representing BC-GPUS, the Delegate and Alternate shall be guided by the priorities of the membership and the directions of the BC-GPUS Steering Committee. The Alternate Delegate shall serve in the Delegates place when the Delegate is not able to perform.

Parliamentarian: A Parliamentarian shall ensure compliance with rules and procedures of the BC-GPUS, and such procedures as established by the BC-GPUS Steering Committee;and may mediate any formal issue discussions as required to reach a consensus.

Removal of Officers: Officers may be removed for Cause ­ for 3 or more absences without notice, or for dereliction of duty ­ by a two-thirds vote of all designated members of the BC-GPUS Steering Committee at a specially called meeting to give each member of the Steering Committee an opportunity to participate and the officer charged the opportunity to respond. Upon the vacancy of any office, the BC-GPUS Steering Committee shall elect an officer to serve the remainder of the term.

Amendments to By-Laws: Amendments to these by-laws may be proposed by the BC-GPUS Steering Committee or by petition of twenty BC-GPUS Members representing five states.

Voting may be conducted via mail, on-line, email or at the BC-GPUS Annual Convention or Planning meetings. Ballots must be sent via mail, email, or phone to BC-GPUS Members at least twenty days prior to the election. Votes received after midnight of the Election Day shall not be counted. A voting quorum of 15% of the BC-GPUS Members representing 10 states must vote a two-thirds majority to amend a BC-GPUS By-Law.

Current Committees

The following committees were established to address some of the immediate needs of the BC-GPUS for work on the upcoming 2004 elections and the building and filling out of the BC-GPUS website. Both are looking for members:

Elections Committee ­ Sundiate Xian Tellem (TX), Rick Tingling-Clemmons (DC), Marc Loveless (IL) ­ Anelle Williams (TX) will make contributions via email.

Media Committee:- Jason Ravin (DC), Diane White (PA).


Appendix C
From: Diane
Date: May 12, 2004 12:39:18 PM PDT
To: , Anita Rios ,
Ginny-Marie Case
Cc: GPBlackCaucus2
Subject: Black Caucus Cover Letter/Historical Development

Here is the document you requested. Michele Tingling - Clemmons will be on the Diversity Committee call to night to address your concerns. Members of the Black Caucus have requested your presence on our next conference call to answer their prepared questions.

Peace, Blessings & One Love,
Diane White...At Your Service

Historical Development of the Green Party Black Caucus

The Green Party Black Caucus developed out of a need for Greens of African descent to galvanize the African American Community around the 10 Key Values. The goal of the Black Caucus is to build more local Green chapters in the African American Community across the country, and increase the number of African Americans in the Green Party. We believe the Green Party is the party for African Americans. We believe the Black Caucus is the vehicle to get the Partyıs message to the African American community. While the Green Party Social Justice platform looks good on paper, only the Black Caucus, through its membership and advocacy can make it happen.

The need for the Black Caucus has also presented itself in the body politics of the Green Party. Since the emergence of the Green Party with the advent of the Nader campaign in 2000 African Americans have run successful political campaigns throughout the country, with little or no support from the GPUS. Elected African American Green Party officials like Hartford Connecticut City Council President, Elizabeth Horton Sheff (CN) and Minneapolis City Council Member, Natalie Johnson Lee (MN), have found little support or recognition from the National Green Party leadership. The Black Caucus has evolved out of a need to support our elected Green Party Officials.

African American participation at the national level has traditionally been reserved for a few hand-picked African Americans that have gained the confidence of the 99% Eurocentric party leadership. The Black Caucus has developed out of a need and right to self-determination and the right of the African American community to choose its own leadership. During the Philadelphia Convention in 2002, there were only 9 African Americans attendees, Donna Warren, 2002 Lieutenant Governor Candidate (CA) , Diane White, 2001 Mayoral Candidate (PA), George Martin (WI), Roy Williams, 2002 Senatorial Candidate (TX), Gordon Anderson (TX), Badili Jones (GA), Marc Loveless (IL), Joe Buchanan (RI) and Irving Jones (PA). Today the Black Caucus has grown to 121 members over 22 states. The Black Caucus continues to grow thru the efforts of its Black Caucus Organizing Committee members, Marc Loveless (MI), Joe Buchanan (RI), Malik Rahim (LA), Diane White (PA) Acting Corresponding Secretary, Anelle Williams Acting Parliamentarian (TX), Sundiata Tellem (TX), LaVerne Butler (DC) Acting Treasury, Debony Hart (DC) Acting Recording Secretary, Morning Sunday (MD), Kinamo Curry (CA), Donna Warren (CA), Rick Tingling-Clemmons (DC), Toussaint Tingling-Clemmons (DC), Asa Gordon (DC), lead by Co-Chair, Michele Tingling-Clemmons of the DC Statehood Greens.

The mission of the Black Caucus is to grow the Green Party. In order to accomplish its mission the Black Caucus must overcome the traditional barriers of racism, built on fear, anger and mistrust, that have been woven into the fabric of American society, including the Green Party. We must help people of European ancestry to accept their responsibility to confront racism, to discover their own heritage of resistance, and to actively learn about cultures other than their own. We pledge to initiate processes for uprooting and eliminating racism from the local to the national level. As we do these things, The Black Caucus will be in the position to participate in a multicultural, multiethnic movement that draws on its many cultural traditions to create a life-affirming society

The Black Caucus has also derived from a need to mobilize the Green Party in its call upon Congress and the President to pass and to sign into law H.R. 40, sponsored by Representative John Conyers, a bill to establish a commission to examine the institution of slavery, subsequent de jure and de facto discrimination against freed slaves and their descendants, the impact of these forces on living African-Americans, and to make recommendations to Congress on appropriate remedies.

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