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Proposal Details

Proposal ID1034
ProposalSustain Decision to Add Proposal 1033 to the Voting Queue
PresenterNational Committee
Floor ManagerKristin Combs
Discussion02/09/2021 - 02/10/2021
Voting02/11/2021 - 02/13/2021
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum54 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


On February 8, 2021 an appeal of the steering committee's decision to add proposal 1033 to the voting queue was filed and properly cosponsored. Details of the appeal can be found in the references.


Shall the body sustain the decision of the Steering Committee to add proposal 1033 to the voting queue.

Please note: A *YES* vote is a vote to sustain the steering committee's decision. A *NO* vote is a vote to reverse the steering committee's decision.


Please note: The proposal requires a simple majority for quorum but the software only allows for 2/3. The proposal may pass but reported as having failed.



I appeal because this ruling is contrary to our rules.

The proposal will create a paradoxical situation in which the Daou contract is still valid even if the proposal fails. If the proposal fails, then the Daou contract is still in effect because the contract has already been executed and has not been canceled; and nowhere in proposal 1033 does it say that if the proposal fails then the Daou contract is negated. The SC used the same logic to reject the Accreditation Committee's proposal regarding the Green Party of Rhode Island. The SC determined that, if the AccredCom's proposal were to fail, the proposal didn't clearly say what would happen in that case (i.e., would GPRI remain in GPUS or not?). The same question is true in the case of proposal 1033. What happens if the proposal fails? Is the current Daou contract negated? The proposal doesn't say.

The proposal should be revised by the SC to say that, if proposal 1033 fails, then the SC shall immediately terminate the existing Daou contract.

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