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Proposal ID1055
ProposalEndorse NoNewJails Campaigns
PresenterBlack Caucus, Ohio
Floor ManagerTamar Yager
Discussion05/10/2021 - 05/16/2021
Voting05/17/2021 - 05/23/2021
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum53 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The Green Party of the US resolution to endorse #NoNewJail Campaigns

The NoNewJails campaign started in 2018 in NYC to shut down Rikers prison, and is part of a growing prison abolition movement around the country, with the hashtag #NoNewJails cropping up in California, Michigan, Louisiana, Massachusetts and New Jersey.


The Green Party’s platform position under Criminal Justice states that our priorities must encourage and support positive approaches to punishment that build hope, responsibility and a sense of belonging. The No New Jails campaign(s) believe money spent on incarcerating people should be reinvested in black and brown communities that have historically been disproportionately incarcerated and affected by over-policing.

This resolution states full endorsement of the NoNewJails Campaign to ensure our fight to end the carceral state that has given the US the highest incarceration rate in the world.


Darryl! LC Moch, Co-Chair, NBC, 678-592-8949
Trahern Crews, Co-Chair, NBC, 763-260-4233
Philena Farley, Treasurer, NBC, 614-859-9147
Dee Murphy, Secretary, NBC,


No New Jails Releases Abolition Plan
Protestor at DC Jail #MayDay #InternationalWorkersDay

Twitter Video Transcribed:

 "We are here to call for the end of the carceral state. And for me personally, I'm eager to create an eco-system of care and there is no place for prisons or jails within an eco-system of care. There's no way for us to continue to find ways to get to the root causes of the violence we are experiencing in our communities without dismantling the systems that are upholding the violence. These are not things that we caused, these are things that are done to us by the state and one part of that is dismantling this harmful traumatic carceral system that serves nobody but the state. I'm just so proud to be part of the #nonewjailsDC campaign and I look forward to the day when we will not have to stand up against these actions anymore."
Social Justice - H. Criminal Justice


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