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Proposal Details

Proposal ID106
ProposalRecommendation to Approve the Accreditation of the Lavendar Caucus
PresenterAccreditation Committee and Diversity Committee
Floor ManagerGreg Gerritt
Discussion06/12/2004 - 06/13/2004
Voting06/14/2004 - 06/20/2004
Presens Quorum29 0.6666
Consens Quorum61 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


The Accreditation Committee, working in conjunction with the Diversity Committee, recommends the full accreditation of the Lavender Caucus based on the following information:

*1)The Lavender Caucus was provisionally accredited in 2001, with the condition that the application package would be reevaluated once the final Identity Caucus Application Process (IDCAP) was passed at the 2003 GPUS CC meeting in Washington, DC.

No changes were made in the requirements of the application package.

*2)The information available on the website:

including the caucus bylaws and state party chapters confirms that the Lavender
Caucus meets the IDCAP criteria.

*3)The Lavender Caucus has been active on the CC since its seating.

*4)The requested bylaws changes were made at the groupís next meeting, and new
elections were held for the CC representative position.


Accept the recommendation of the Accreditation and Diversity Committees to change the Lavender Caucusí accreditation status
with the Green Party of the United States from provisional
affiliation to full accreditation, based on originally submitted
materials, as well as the additional information provided below.





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