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Proposal Details

Proposal ID1067
ProposalCertification of 2021 Steering Committee Election
PresenterElections Tabulation Committee
Floor ManagerTamar Yager
Discussion10/18/2021 - 10/31/2021
Voting11/01/2021 - 11/07/2021
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum32 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Report for the 2021 Elections Tabulation Committee

Elections for GPUS Steering Committee Co-chairs and Secretary concluded as scheduled on July 17, 2021. There were a few reports of ballot key messages bouncing from recipients, but at first review, all ballot keys were successfully delivered to the ballot key mailbox.

265 ballots show in mailbox
1 duplicate

131 ballots - Secretary; one Abstain recorded on voting page results, not included in data

133 ballots - SC Co-chairs

Election for GPUS Steering Committee Co-chairs 2021

GPUS Co-chair Election 2021 Ballot Keys

Election for GPUS Secretary 2021

GPUS Secretary Election 2021 Ballot Keys

Bugs & Issues
1) Duplicate ballot keys have surfaced in every election. These are unintentional, and itís known how it happens. As far as we know, they are not counted by the software, but it would take a more in-depth tabulation to be sure. To date, all final results include enough data to show that the election outcomes would not have been changed. This time, only one occurred: this was done by on purpose, to see the occurrence could be duplicated.

2) SC elections are not supposed to include write-ins. Use of NOTA and NOC are also inappropriate, as the way to register non-support of any candidate is to not rank them. To demonstrate non-support of all candidates, a blank ballot should be submitted.

2.a) POSSIBLE BUG: There is one Abstention listed in the Secretary results on the voting page. No ballot key appeared in the ballot key mailbox, however. Without the names/ballot keys published directly on the voting page itself, itís not possible to tell whether or not this was recorded in the software.

2.b) Itís not clear on this end whether write-ins and other extraneous entries were ďdiscardedĒ before the floor manager/secretary certified the results, sending them to the voting page. A full manual tabulation would need to be done to determine whether those votes were discarded prior to the results being released.

3) Upon the conclusion of the elections, the voting page publishes the results with a complete list of names and tally. The results - ideally - also include the list of voters with their ballot keys and votes:
  1) list of those who voted;
  2) list of those who voted with ballot keys & votes;
  3) RCV Tabulation.
This year and last, names and results began to disappear from the list of voters and voting keys (2nd list). It was determined that this occurred when a delegate or alternate who had voted in that election stepped down from their position. Their names remained in the 1st list, and the results remained unaltered.

At the conclusion of the election, all results are supposed to be published on the voting page. In one or two past instances, the 3rd list (names with ballot keys and results) appeared with names and ballot keys only. The votes do not appear, but if someone wanted to see how a delegate voted, they could click on the linked ballot key. This year, the entire 3rd list has not appeared. The ETC would normally need only to match this set of results with what is found in the ballot keys from the ballot key mailbox. This year, the ballot tally spreadsheet was sent to the national committee with the request that each voter check their ballot key and make sure their votes had been recorded correctly. During the following week, three inquiries were received, each from a voter who thought they had cast a vote in a particular election, and then realized they had not.

A spreadsheet matching all voters with ballot keys has been provided to the National Committee, with a request that ll voters check their ballot keys against what is shown in the spreadsheet. There were two inquiries from a delegate who thought they had voted for one of the elections, but had not. There were no ballot keys generated, either to the delegate or ballot key mailbox, and these occurrences were attributed to human error.


The Green National Committee hereby certifies the results of the 2021 Steering Committee elections for Co-chairs and Secretary.

Ahmed Eltouny
Christopher Stella
Garret Wassermann
Rei Stone-Grover

Kristin Combs

Submitted October 6, 2021
GPUS 2021 Elections Tabulation Committee:
Holly Hart
David Gerry
Darryl! Moch



2. Receipt & Right to Challenge Election Results
When the GNC receives a report from the Election Tabulation Committee or a properly filed Challenge as described in paragraph 3., below, the question shall be put to the GNC, on the fourteenth day following the transmittal of the report, on certifying the results as so reported, and as a distinct question, on sustaining each Challenge as may have been timely filed. In presenting a question on sustaining a Challenge, it shall be made clear that to sustain the Challenge is to act to adopt such amendments to the certification as may be proposed by the sustained Challenge. Such questions shall be resolved by a simple majority vote of the GNC.



Holly Hart

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