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Proposal ID107
ProposalProposal to Amend 2004 Convention Credentialing Rules - 6/14 version
PresenterGPCA, GPNJ, IGP
Floor ManagerJo Chamberlain
Discussion06/14/2004 - 06/14/2004
Voting06/15/2004 - 06/20/2004
Presens Quorum29 0.6666
Consens Quorum45 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


Delegates representing over 40 states will be attending the Green Party
nominating convention in Milwaukee WI, June 23 to 28. Many delegates
will be making a great personal sacrifice to participate in the
nomination process by funding their own travel, lodging and registration
expenses for the convention.

Unfortunately, the 2004 CONVENTION CREDENTIALING RULES requires that
delegates sign a “Credentials Roll” form pledging not to work for
another presidential candidate, should they oppose the GPUS nominee.

The “Credentials Roll” form is defined in section III. DEFINITIONS,
paragraph 7, and the requirement for signing is specified in section VI.
paragraph 2, item c.

Given the importance of full delegate participation in determining the
outcome of the convention, requiring such a pledge is highly
problematic. There is no evidence to suggest that prohibiting delegates
from working for another presidential candidate, should they oppose the
GPUS nominee, will in anyway influence the nominating process at the
convention. On the contrary, such a prohibition will limit democratic
participation by forcing delegates to withdraw from the voting process,
rather than sign an oath they may not be able to uphold. More
importantly, state parties do not have the practical ability to affirm,
enforce or control the actions of its delegates in their beliefs or


Amend 2004 Convention Credential Rules in two places:

1. Remove the following language of Section III:
...which pledge the delegate or delegate-alternate 1) to not oppose the
presidential and vice presidential candidates nominated by the Convention
and 2) to support the rules of the Green Party of the United States
Nominating Convention.

Shall now read:
As used in this agreement, the term:
Credentials Roll shall mean the form, completed and signed by a delegate
or delegate-alternate when picking up preliminary credentials from the
Credentials Committee at the site of the Convention.

2. Remove the following language of Section VI.A.2:
c) states that it is the policy of the (State)Party that neither its
Presidential Nominating Convention delegates nor its Presidential electors will work
in active opposition to the Presidential Slate nominated by the Green
Party Presidential Nominating Convention

Paragraph 2 in section VI.A shall now read: Each state Green Party
which desires to credential a delegation to the Presidential Nominating
Convention shall submit both an electronic application by email and a
paper version of the application by mail to the Credentials Committee
prior to the May 10th application deadline (unless granted an extension
by the committee) which application a) shall bear the witness of the
officers of the Party that delegates named in the application were duly
elected as delegates to the Convention as provided for in the rules of
the state Green Party, b) states that it is a member of the Green Party
of the United States or if not a member states that it has demonstrated
to the Credentials Committee that it is eligible for membership with the
Association, c) includes a certified copy of the minutes of the state
Convention or other body of the Party authorized to elect the
delegation, which minutes document the delegate election, d) includes
copies of all portions of state election law which are relevant to the
selection of delegates to a national convention, whether by primary,
caucus, or petitions for national candidates, e) identifies by name,
date of birth, residential address, phone and fax numbers email address
and the party with which they are registered to vote (where that is
possible) each delegate and delegate- alternate elected by the Party, f)
for any delegate who may be credentialed on the basis of their partys
electoral success, attaches documentation of the election results and
the endorsement or nomination of the Green candidate whos showing in
the polls is the basis of the delegates eligibility for credentials,
and g) describes for each Congressional District in the state, the
nature and time frame of any Green activity in the District.




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