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Proposal ID1077
ProposalProposal for GPUS to co-sponsor Earth Day Strike 2022 for People, Planet and Peace
PresenterPeace Action Committee, Green Party of Michigan
Floor ManagerChris Stella
Discussion03/14/2022 - 03/20/2022
Voting03/21/2022 - 03/27/2022
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum35 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The idea for having an action involving unified local strikes was proposed by Jill Stein following a series of meetings with a group of activists who were involved with GPAX's webinar "Nonviolence in a Violent World: Making a Difference Through Direct Action and Civil Disobedience." Earth day will kick off 10 days of action - Earth Day to May Day -supporting local strikes, building community alternatives & unifying our movements. One of our primary goals is to use the strike to build unity. We need it now more than ever. Coming together across movements and calling for solutions as big as the crises barreling down on us: Climate Collapse, Endless War, Crushing Economic & Racial Inequality, Rising Authoritarianism, the Assault on Freedom of Press/Privacy/Protest. A website has been set up for registration of local actions across the country. Current endorsers are Green Party of Ohio, Missouri Green Party, Kansas City Green Party, and Green Party of Michigan.


The Green Party of the United States will co-sponsor the Earth Day Strike 2022 for People, Planet and Peace.


Initial implementation of this action has already taken place by GPAX in collaboration with other organizations. When the proposal is passed, GPUS will be added as a co-sponsor. A website for registration of actions is already available. Registration of local actions will need to take place before April 22 (Earth Day). Further information will be made available to Green Party members through publication in Green Party media.


Contacts: Logan Martinez, 937-260-2591,
Haig Hovaness, GPAX Co-chair, 914-738-2647,
Madelyn Hoffman, GPAX cochair, 973-876-1023,
Tom Mair, Co-chair GPMI, 231 392-6121,
Robin Laurain, Co-chair GPMI,

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