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Proposal Details

Proposal ID1114
ProposalCertification of 2022 Steering Committee Election
PresenterElections Tabulation Committee
Floor ManagerChris Stella
Discussion10/10/2022 - 10/16/2022
Voting10/17/2022 - 10/23/2022
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum41 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Report for the 2022 Elections Tabulation Committee

ETC REPORT – September 3, 2022

Steering Committee elections concluded on July 23, 2022, as scheduled. All ballot keys were successfully delivered to the ballot key mailbox. At the close of elections, ballot keys are “released” and sent to a webmail account accessible to the ETC. The full breakdown should also appear in the voting page results. In 2022 and 2021, however, the full reports did not appear on the voting page results: names of those who voted, and a breakdown of the tabulation were published, but not a list of voters with the ballot keys attached. Therefore, the Elections Tabulation Committee created our own spreadsheet listing voters with ballot keys, published that to the national committee business list and asked that voters to review their entries to confirm accuracy. An extra time period was allowed for this, which is why this report is coming in later than it would otherwise. Had we received reports of errors (not due to human error), we would have then manually tabulate the results. At this time, we have very good reason to believe that the ballots were all accounted for and counted accurately.


2022 Election of Steering Committee Co-chairs
108 total votes from 45 states/caucuses

2022 Election of GPUS Treasurer
103 total votes from 41 states/caucuses
  95 votes / 8 Abstentions

ETC Tabulation:

As with past SC elections, the ETC believes we can confirm that the votes were tabulated and calculated correctly, and that the voting page reports *originally shown* were accurate. Reviews are normally the sole step to confirm that all votes were received and counted correctly. If needed, this year, the publication of the individual votes could be manually constructed, if needed. Per GPUS Rules & Procedures, the ETC should review and produce a final report as soon as possible, followed by a national committee vote to certify the elections.

1) There were two instances of “duplicate ballot keys.” This occurs when someone votes twice in rapid succession (it appears this occurs because they believed their initial vote didn’t go through). Past ETC’s have not discovered that these instances have had any effect on election results, but a manual tabulation would clarify whether these ballots are being counted.

Duplicate ballot keys have surfaced in every election. These are unintentional, and it’s known how it happens. As far as we know, they are not counted by the software, but it would take a more in-depth tabulation to be sure. To date, all final results include enough data to show that the election outcomes would not have been changed.

1) Upon the conclusion of the elections, the voting page publishes the results with a complete list of names and tally. The results - ideally - also include the list of voters with their ballot keys and votes: 1) list of those who voted; 2) list of those who voted with ballot keys & votes; 3) RCV Tabulation.
  For the past two years, names and results began to disappear from the list of voters and voting keys (2nd list). It was determined that this occurred when a delegate or alternate who had voted in that election stepped down from their position. Their names remained in the 1st list, and the results remained unaltered. Over time, the list of ballot keys has continued to shrink: check out Illinois whose delegation was just updated this past week, and you will see that the ballot keys of several of their then-delegates’ votes no longer show up in that section.

Fortunately, with the complete list of delegates voting (still accurate) and the ballot keys stored in the webmail account, the ETC can reconstruct the vote and confirm that the results were reported correctly.

This year, the 2nd list (voters with ballot keys) did not appear.


The Green National Committee hereby certifies the results of the 2022 Steering Committee elections for Co-chairs and Treasurer.

Co-chairs: Margaret Elisabeth, Tony Ndege, Tamar Yager
Treasurer: Diana C. Brown

Submitted September 23, 2022
GPUS 2022 Elections Tabulation Committee:
Holly Hart
David Gerry



2. Receipt & Right to Challenge Election Results
When the GNC receives a report from the Election Tabulation Committee or a properly filed Challenge as described in paragraph 3., below, the question shall be put to the GNC, on the fourteenth day following the transmittal of the report, on certifying the results as so reported, and as a distinct question, on sustaining each Challenge as may have been timely filed. In presenting a question on sustaining a Challenge, it shall be made clear that to sustain the Challenge is to act to adopt such amendments to the certification as may be proposed by the sustained Challenge. Such questions shall be resolved by a simple majority vote of the GNC.


Holly Hart

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