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Proposal ID1118
ProposalApproval of Darryl Moch to Finance Committee
PresenterSteering Committee
Floor ManagerTamar Yager
Discussion10/24/2022 - 11/06/2022
Voting11/07/2022 - 11/14/2022
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum38 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Darryl! L.C. Moch currently serves as Chair of the DC Statehood Green Party in Washington, DC and co-chair of the GPUS National Back Caucus. He is a former National Co-chair of the USGP and has served on the Finance committee for several terms. His recent term expired but he continues to participate on the committee in an advisory capacity while his reelection to the committee is in process. Darryl! served as as a former GP National CoChair as the Co-chair of the Finance Committee as the liaison from the steering committee. Also a few election cycles ago, before the special election to replace the then treasurer Darryl! served in an interim capacity managing the party accounts and funds and transacting financial affairs (a pseudo-treasurer). Darryl! continues to serve as a signatory for the GPUS accounts and is seeking to officially be re-elected to FinCom in order to maintain the consistency of the financial affairs and performing functional duties in Washington, DC regarding the financial business and other related business needs of the party. Darryl! is the President/CEO of a local nonprofit and has served as Chief Financial Officer, and managing board member for several organizations with duties including fiscal oversight and management, organizational leadership, development, fundraising, donor relations, program development and training. He currently serves as Treasure for a emerging Nonprofit organization in DC.
Darryl!, is a leader and has developed and trained leaders as well as become partners with and worked with community leaders on local, regional, national, and international levels. A native of Los Angeles, California who proudly makes his home in Washington, DC, Darryl! serves as a consultant, activist, advocate, performance artist, psychotherapist/life coach, and minister. His work as an organizer has spanned the country. His passion, and current work, include arts and culture of the progressive community; creating opportunities that will empower, expose, and enlighten individuals and our collective communities. His art, activism and advocacy work is rooted in social justice, equality, and quality of life issues for African-American/People of Color and minority communities, children, youth, families, LGBTQ constituencies, people living with mental and physical challenges, the homeless, other issues facing communities most disenfranchised by local, regional, and national political policies and laws. Darryl!, is currently on the November 2022 ballot in DC for the Chair of the DC City Council. He also ran for DC City Council in the 2010 DCSGP primary and is looking towards another run in the near future. He has served as an adviser to campaigns and candidates in various parts of the country, locally, regionally, and nationally. He is also currently on the board of Green Horizons. He is also the director of the Charm City Labor Chorus.
He has served in various organizations and ministries across the country. His work centers on social change, social justice, and equality for all people without distinction in order to ensure a good quality of life for all people. Darryl!, serves as the assistant to the Bishop and on the Pastoral Leadership Team of Inner Light Ministries in Washington, DC. He also provides consulting services to communities and non-profit organizations.
He is the co-founder and President/CEO of Innergy, Inc., a community-based organization. As a psychotherapist he has created various “psycho-edutainment” programs, after school & drug prevention programs, short-term intensive treatment programs (for both in-patient and out-patient mental health and substance abuse facilities), and served as a therapist doing crisis intervention and inpatient therapy, with a specialty in child and adolescent therapy. He has also created other programs that bridge the relationship between the religious, social, and cultural arenas. He is a former editor, copy editor, program director, and features writer local and national magazines. He was also part of the Center for New Community program Which Way Forward, confronting anti-immigration wedge issues targeted to the African American community. He was the founding Secretary of the former International Federation of Black Prides, worked with Pride organizations and other leasing community empowerment organizations across the country and abroad.
Darryl!, currently offers himself as a consultant, performing artist, motivational speaker/therapist, inspirational and liturgical minister, and a community activist. Darryl! has a BA in Performing Arts (Theatre and Dance) and Psychology, a Masters of Education in Counseling, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre: Directing. He is completing his Doctorate in Transformational Leadership with research on Othering.


Darryl! Moch is hereby approved as a member of the Finance Committee.




The DC Statehood Green Party approved this appointment by unanimous vote, per GPUS Fiscal Policy 3-3.2.

Secretary, Green Party US

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