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Proposal ID1164
ProposalAmendment: Presidential Nomination Convention Rules to Allow Option for Virtual Convention
PresenterAnnual National Meeting Committee, Steering Committee
Floor ManagerHolly Hart
Discussion10/17/2023 - 10/29/2023
Voting10/30/2023 - 11/05/2023
Presens Quorum31 0.6666
Consens Quorum53 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


Because of concerns about the financial viability of conducting an in-person 2024 GPUS Presidential Nomination Convention (PNC), the Annual National Meeting Committee (ANMCom) would like to include the option of a virtual PNC for 2024, when it presents options to the National Committee (NC) for holding the 2024 PNC.

However, currently, there are no Convention Rules in place to conduct a virtual convention, only for an in-person convention. Therefore the ANMCom can not submit a proposal to the NC that would include a virtual convention option (alongside in-person options), because GPUS Rules and Procedures 6-5.1(e) specify that a proposal to the NC must be "clear in what it asks the National Committee to decide" and it would be unclear what holding a virtual convention would mean, if there were no Convention Rules in place for it to follow.

To address this issue and make it clear what a virtual convention would entail from a rules standpoint, this proposal would amend the current Convention Rules such that if the NC chooses to hold a virtual convention in 2024, the one-time 2020 virtual Convention Rules approved by the NC (in response to the COVID-19 health crisis) would be considered in place for 2024 on a one-time basis. This would include a slight modification of the 2020 PNC-specific dates, specifically where the July 9, 2020 deadline in the text was two days before PNC, such that the 2024 text shall specify dates two days before the virtual Convention) and would be made with the understanding that the Convention Rules may be further amended before the 2024 PNC

In modifying the then-existing Convention Rules to provide for a virtual convention in 2020, some changes were generic because of the move from an in-person PNC to a virtual one - like changing from an in-person PNC delegate check-in process where someone is literally given a Delegate badge/floor pass to an electronic form of check-in.

But other changes were made to correspond to the specific virtual manner in which the 2020 Convention was held, based upon the online platform used and the individuals staffing the overall virtual convention infrastructure. Those changes were the result of an extended discussion between a GPUS employee (who ran the Loomio online platform), a GPUS independent contractor (who was the overall convention coordinator), and a member of the Credentials Committee (CredCom) (representing the CredCom), to come up with the most practical rules to retain the intent of the in-person Convention Rules, but amended them in a manner to best fit the virtual technology.

In 2024, those individuals and that platform may likely be different. The GPUS employee is no longer employed by the GPUS, the 2020 CredCom member is not a member of the 2024 CredCom, and the 2020 convention coordinator has only indicated an interest in serving for a 2024 in-person convention, not a virtual one.

Therefore should the NC choose to hold a virtual convention in 2024, it will need to convene those who would be involved in these roles to consider the specific logistics of a 2024 convention and if/how the Convention Rules should be amended to accommodate them. Or it could choose not to propose any amendments and would conduct the PNC under the Convention Rules as proposed herein.

It would be with this understanding that the National Committee should consider this proposal.

The decision-making timeline for this proposal is three weeks, not two, to give NC members sufficient time to consider this proposal. However, the sponsors are not asking for four weeks, because it is not the goal of this proposal to seek further amendments for how a virtual convention would be held. Rather, the goal is to get some Convention Rules in place that could be amended later as soon as possible, so that the ANMCom can forward a proposal as soon as possible to the NC with 2024 PNC options because it is in the interest of the GPUS (for a variety of reasons to select a date and location/type of convention) as soon as possible.


PROPOSAL: That GPUS Presidential Convention Rules are amended to add

1-1.6 Virtual Presidential Nominating Convention

If the National Committee decides to hold a virtual convention in 2024, the Convention Rules passed in National Committee Proposal #1011 on a one-time basis for 2020 shall be considered applicable for 2024, except that in cases where July 9, 2020, is written, the date shall be two days prior to the Presidential Nominating Convention. This clause in the Convention Rules shall sunset as of the 2024 PNC and be deleted from the Convention Rules text at that time.


Effective upon approval by the National Committe


Proposal #1011 (

Currently approved Convention Rules for 2024

Convention Rules approved for 2020

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