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Proposal ID132
ProposalApproval of the Rules Policy and Procedures from The Finance Committee
PresenterFinance Committee
Floor ManagerJake Schneider
Discussion03/28/2005 - 04/17/2005
Voting04/18/2005 - 04/24/2005
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum39 A Majority of Yes and No Votes



The Finance Committee respectfully submits these drafts of Bylaws and Policies and Procedures to the CC for approval:

Mission, Policies, and Procedures
Green Party of the United States Finance Committee

Committee Mission
The primary mission of the Finance Committee is to monitor fiscal activities. In addition it is to consult with staff and officers to make recommendations to the Coordinating Committee for fiscal policy changes and prepare annual budgets and occasional budget amendments for the consideration of the Coordinating Committee. The Finance Committee will oversee day-to-day affairs of party finances such as bank accounts, methods of disbursement, etc., as well as obtain an independent annual audit of our financial affairs by a certified public accountant, as the Finance Committee shall be considered our audit committee.

Committee Structure
Membership on the Finance Committee will be, at a minimum, the GPUS Treasurer, the GPUS accountant, the designated Steering Committee member who is on the banking signatory card, and any Steering Committee members who choose to join. Any member of the Coordinating Committee may join with the voted approval of the Coordinating Committee. With the approval of their state Green Party, persons who are Green Party members but not Coordinating Committee members, including members from states not organized as part of GPUS, may join if approved by the Coordinating Committee. Volunteers for the Finance Committee shall inform the Steering Committee of their interest, so that the Steering Committee may make a timely proposal for approval of the new members. Members may serve until they resign or are removed for cause.
Members who have not participated on-line, in subcommittees, or on teleconferences for the prior three months shall not be counted towards quorum. Quorum will consist of a majority of active members.
Members may be removed for cause by the Coordinating Committee upon a proposal from the Steering Committee. Members may be removed:
1. After missing meetings for three or more months, or missing more than half the meetings in a given calendar year
2. After registering in any party other than the Green Party or an affiliate of the GPUS;
3. Upon notification of removal by the state party where the member has membership;
4. Upon any malfeasance, corruption, or behavior which the Coordinating Committee deems to be incompatible with Finance Committee membership.
The co-chairs of the committee will be the GPUS Treasurer and the designated Steering Committee member who is on the banking signatory card. The co-chairs will be responsible for keeping the committee on task, maintaining a roster of committee members, conducting votes, and communicating with the Coordinating Committee and Steering Committee.

Decision Making
The committee will meet no less than once per month, but may set more frequent meetings. Meetings will be in-person or by teleconference. All meetings must be noticed to the committee members at least 3 days in advance.
Proposals require no advance notice, but advance notice is encouraged. The committee will seek to operate by consensus. It there is no consensus a proposal may be brought to a vote; a two-thirds vote of the committee members present at the meeting is required to pass a proposal. When concerns are expressed but not withdrawn, they must be reported in the minutes. If the proposal is forwarded to the Steering Committee, the concerns must be included in the report to the Steering Committee.
An e-mail vote on a proposal may be authorized at a committee meeting and will follow the same rules for passage as a proposal presented in a meeting. Such proposals will have an explicit deadline set and will require a two-thirds vote for passage.





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