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Proposal Details

Proposal ID133
ProposalSC Term conditions
PresenterGPUS Steering Committee
Floor ManagerGreg Gerritt
Discussion03/28/2005 - 04/03/2005
Voting04/04/2005 - 04/10/2005
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum45 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The Steering Committee believes that the current election is to elect a
replacement for the resigned SC member and that the slot will be filled
again at the summer meeting. As the newly elected person will only serve 3
months, the SC thought it appropriate to ask the CC as to whether they
wanted this three month term to be considered a full term as regards to term
limits. In other words should the person elected be eligible for re
election once or twice? If this passes, the result is obvious. If it fails then the person elected will be eligible for reelection only once.


The Green Party member elected by a vote of the Green Party National
Committee to fill out the unexpired co chair term in the spring of 2005
shall be eligible to run for re election to the Steering Committee twice
without being considered to have violated the term limit provisions for co
chairs in the GPUS bylaws.





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