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Proposal Details

Proposal ID142
Proposal2005 GPUS Annual Meeting Budget
PresenterAnnual National Meeting Committee
Floor ManagerMarc Sanson
Discussion05/30/2005 - 06/06/2005
Voting06/07/2005 - 06/13/2005
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum32 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


On April 18, 2005 the GPUS National Committee approved a proposal to
have the Green Party of Oklahoma host the 2005 annual meeting in Tulsa
on 21 - 24 July. Since then, the Annual National Meeting Committee
has been working with the GPOK and GPUS Finance Committee to create a
budget for this year’s meeting. The budget is accessible through the
link in the ‘References’ section below.

One of the problems in creating this year’s budget was that the
meetings are being held at a university instead of a hotel, meaning
there was little possibility to save on meeting and room space as part
of a hotel package. As a result, there were more expenses to cover
this year out of the main budget instead of being complementary with
the room rentals. However, this also means that the housing this
year, available through the university, will be much more reasonable
than the hotels at past meetings in Milwaukee or Washington, D.C.

In the final budget, we are estimating approximately $24,325 in
meeting costs to be covered by registration fees. Dividing by an
estimated 200 attendees (based on previous years’ meetings) this comes
to approximately $135 per person. The registration fees do NOT
include meals or lodging. There will be dormitory rooms available at
the university for $32 a night (per person) for a double room, or $40
a night for those who wish to have a single room. There are also very
reasonably priced hotels and campgrounds in the area. Reasonably
priced meal plans will be available on the registration forms. Those
not opting for the meal plans will find plenty of options available at
the university and nearby restaurants.

As mandated by the GPUS National Committee in the spring of 2004, this
budget also includes funds to cover lodging and registration waivers
for up to 3 nights for 15 people from traditionally disenfranchised
groups. The waiver application process will be handled and announced
by the GPUS Diversity Committee. There are NO funds available in this
budget to supplement travel, lodging, registration or food for any
other delegates or attendees than those awarded by the diversity
committee. Delegates are expected to rely on their state and local
parties for any supplemental funding to attend the national meeting.


The GPUS National Committee approves the the budget proposal linked below for
the 2005 Annual Meeting.


Ruth Weill,
Scott Kender, 717-299-1248,



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