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Proposal Details

Proposal ID145
ProposalCC Meeting Roll Call and Agenda Approval
PresenterGreen Party of Florida and Green Party of New York
Floor ManagerMarc Sanson
Discussion06/06/2005 - 06/26/2005
Voting06/27/2005 - 07/03/2005
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum44 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The meetings of the GPUS CC are critically important to the discussion
and actions by the State and National components of the
GPUS. It is, therefore, important that each State has confidence in the
attendance, quorum, and process of each meeting. A valid, structured Roll Call
for attendees, along with approval of the proposed agenda will ensure honesty and
provide a smooth transition to the working portion of the meeting.


At the beginning of each day of GPUS CC meetings, the Facilitator
will take a binding Roll Call, either verbally or in writing. The results of
the Roll Call will be announced to the CC, including quorum requirements and
any deviations from allowed representation (e.g. "All States are represented
today, except Florida and Alaska. Utah is allotted five delegates, but only
three will be voting today. Quorum requires 120 representatives, and we have 157.
Quorum is met.") Immediately following, the proposed daily agenda will be
presented for approval by the CC, with a majority of 50% + 1 required for


Planning and Coordination by the ANMC, SC, and CC



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