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Proposal ID146
ProposalFinance Committee Membership Approvals
PresenterFinance Committee
Floor ManagerGreg Gerritt
Discussion06/06/2005 - 06/07/2005
Voting06/08/2005 - 06/14/2005
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum34 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


In April, 2005 the GPUS National Committee approved the Mission,
Policies and Procedures of the GPUS Finance Committee(1). Included in
the policies under the heading ‘Committee Structure’ is the following
”Membership on the Finance Committee will be, at a minimum, the GPUS
Treasurer, the GPUS accountant, the designated Steering Committee
member who is on the banking signatory card, and any Steering
Committee members who choose to join. Any member of the [National](2)
Committee may join with the voted approval of the [National]
Committee. With the approval of their state Green Party [and/or
accredited caucus](3), persons who are Green Party members but not
[National] Committee members, including members from states not
organized as part of GPUS, may join if approved by the [National]
Committee. Volunteers for the Finance Committee shall inform the
Steering Committee of their interest, so that the Steering Committee
may make a timely proposal for approval of the new members. Members
may serve until they resign or are removed for cause.”

In May, 2005 the GPUS Finance Committee presented a similar proposal
(4) to the National Committee that was flawed in several ways. This
proposal supersedes the earlier proposal and addresses some of those
flaws by adding a background section, references and the verified
vetting as reported by affiliated state and caucus officers. This
proposal also clarifies the proposal section itself to make it clear
exactly what the National Committee is being asked to approve.

The GPUS Finance Committee recognizes that some find it controversial
that one member has received approval from both her caucus and state
party. The GPUS Finance Committee takes no position on whether a
member may receive approval from both a state and caucus, and
considers that an issue that is best addressed by the National
Committee. Our obligation is to confirm that all members have
received approval from at least one body that is qualified to do so.
 We have sought confirmation on approvals of all the committee members
listed below.

The individuals included in the proposal below have affirmed their
Finance Committee membership and have received the approval of their
respective state party and/or caucus. All these members have received
approval from at least one body (state and/or caucus) body qualified
to provide such approval. The applicable state and/or caucus granting
approval is listed with each member in the proposal section below. The
Finance Committee formally requests the approval of these individuals
as members of the Finance Committee by the GPUS National Committee.


The following individuals are hereby approved as Finance Committee
members by the GPUS National Committee:
Steering Committee:
Co-chairs Marc Sanson, Jody Haug, Jo Chamberlain
Jake Schneider, Treasurer
Emily Citkowski, Operations Director
Brent McMillan, Fundraising Director
Doug Malkan, Accountant
Mark Borino and Colby Hamilton, approved by the Green Party of New
York State
Jeff Turner, approved by the Green Party of Hawai'i
LaVerne Butler, approved by the DC Statehood Green Party and GPUS
Black Caucus
Dan Schlorff, approved by the Illinois Green Party.

This proposal supersedes any previous proposal or resolution to
approve GPUS Finance Committee membership.




1.Proposal 132 - Approval of the Finance Committee Rules Policy and

2. Proposal 140 (Coordinating Committee name change to National
Committee) changes all official references to the GPUS "Coordinating
Committee" of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) to read
"National Committee"

3. Proposal 102 (Black Caucus Accreditation Proposal) grants the same
rights and responsibilities to the GPUS Black Caucus as affiliated
state parties.

4. Proposal 141 (Finance Committee Membership Verifications) Proposal
to approve members of the GPUS Finance Committee.
(The current proposal supersedes proposal 141)

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