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Proposal ID155
ProposalGreen Party Affirmation Of Independence
PresenterGreen Party of New York State, Green Party of Vermont
Floor ManagerJody Grage
Discussion07/04/2005 - 07/24/2005
Voting07/25/2005 - 07/31/2005
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum47 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


If the Green Party does not affirm its independence from the corporate
parties, its existence will be compromised and its unity endangered.
Furthermore, the Green Party will face internal strife and conflict
as Greens debate which Democrat or Republican qualifies or does not
qualify for support.
A policy of political independence is fundamental to our future growth
and survival as a political party and should be as universal as our
ten key values.

In order to make political independence a policy in the Green Party
of the United States, the Green Party of New York and the Green Party
of Vermont ask GPUS to approve the following proposal.


The Green Party of New York and the Green Party of Vermont call upon
the GPUS to affirm its complete political independence from the Democratic
and Republican parties by adopting a national policy that states and
acknowledges the following:

1) That the institution of the Green Party of the United States, as
defined by its national organizations and by its Presidential and
Vice Presidential candidates, will not endorse, place on its ballot
lines, urge a vote for, raise funds for, urge a vote against or otherwise
oppose just one of the two corporate party candidates (which amounts to
backhanded support for the other corporate party candidate), or in any
way run its campaign or make any GPUS resources available to assist
either or both major corporate-supported parties or their partisan
candidates. The GPUS urges its member state parties to observe these
principles in their conduct of state campaigns and general operations,
and recommends that all state parties adopt this as policy.

2) That an endorsement by the Green Party of corporate-controlled
parties and their partisan candidates represents a movement away from
the core of our founding principles of the ten key values and towards
the dissipation of our political identity, and therefore, while state
Green Parties have the unfettered right to name and/or endorse candidates
in any manner of their own choosing with no interference or intrusion
by GPUS, it is GPUS policy to not grant support of any kind to partisan
candidates of any corporate-supported party through the Coordinated
Campaign Committee (CCC), official GPUS media, or activities of GPUS
standing committees and caucuses.

3) That, as an independent political party, it is not only our right,
but our duty to politically challenge the corporate parties in elections
and to make demands of them to foster greater electoral democracy in
America. This affirmation does not apply to other third parties or
independent candidates whose platform reflects our Ten Key Values.
We recognize that we do not live in a representative democracy and
that to build such a democracy we must work with other political
organizations. Thus, the Green Party may endorse and work with other
political parties or candidates that are independent of corporate
domination and where there is agreement on issues in harmony with
our ten key values
This affirmation does not in anyway restrict the Green Party, or
its members, from working with individuals from the corporate parties
on issues we support such as non-violence, social justice, electoral
reform, or environmental sustainability. The Green Party is not a
centralized party. It welcomes political diversity and encourages
its members to express their views openly and publicly on any matter
they wish, including the right to support, work for, or vote for a
candidate from any party. Members may do so as individuals, as
organized committees, as members of state organizations, county
organizations, county committees or as members of a local Green Party
chapter. Such action does not contradict the Green Party's institutional
independence, since these individuals or organizations are autonomous
and do not represent the official policy of the Green Party of the
United States itself.


Contact: Steve Greenfield (845) 255-2516,


This proposal is intended for vote at the 2005 national Green Party
meeting, to be held July 21-24 2005.

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