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Proposal ID168
ProposalClarification of Delegate Selection to the Presidential Nominating Convention -- Amended 2
PresenterGreen Party of Wisconsin
Floor ManagerJake Schneider
Discussion08/15/2005 - 09/04/2005
Voting09/05/2005 - 09/11/2005
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum58 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


In accordance with the principles of democracy and proportional
representation, this proposal seeks to provide a guarantee that the
votes cast by a state in the first round of balloting at a national
presidential nominating convention are proportional to the support each
candidate received in that state’s primary, caucus, mailed ballot, or
nominating convention. Since GPUS bylaws already “urge” this, passage
of this proposal will necessitate the amendment offered in 2) below.


1) To insure that the outcome of GPUS’s quadrennial presidential nominating
convention matches as closely as possible the will of the Party’s grassroots
membership as expressed in the various statewide primaries, caucuses, mail
ballots, and nominating conventions, the following shall be included as
components of the credentialing rules for 2008:

a) The number of delegates pledged to each candidate (or non-candidate
option, e.g., “Uncommitted”) shall be proportioned on a state-by-state basis
according to each state’s vote totals, regardless of how that vote was taken.
b) States should make every effort to send delegates to the national
presidential nominating convention representing the candidates (or non-
candidate options) they supported in their states’ primary, caucus, mail
ballot, or nominating convention.
c) During the first round of voting at the national presidential
nominating convention, all delegates except those instructed as “Uncommitted”
must vote for their designated candidate.
d) In cases where states award a portion of their convention delegates
to identity caucuses, the same rules of proportionality shall apply to the
extent possible.
e) Each state must submit to the Credentials Committee a plan for
selecting and instructing delegates at least 120 days in advance of
the national presidential nominating convention. Included in these
plans shall be a description of the methods used to ensure that all
Greens are polled and an explanation of the process to be employed to
apportion delegates among the various candidates and non-candidate
options. If its original plan is amended, a state must submit a
supplementary report describing those amendments.
f) Each state must submit vote totals and the proportions for each
candidate (including all non-candidate options), as well as a list of delegates
and alternates and an explanation of how each has been instructed to vote in
the first round to the Credentials Committee prior to being seated at the
convention. This information will be made public on the GPUS website in a
timely manner.

2) To bring the Official Bylaws of the GPUS into synch with the above
rules, the following amendment shall be made to the second paragraph of
Article VII. Ethical Standards:

Existing language:

“Therefore the Green Party urges member states to:

1. Use proportional representation to elect their internal
leadership and their delegates to the Green Party and/or Green conventions.”

Proposed language:

“Therefore the Green Party urges member states to use proportional
representation to elect their
internal leadership and their delegates to the national committee. For
purposes of selecting delegates to the national presidential nominating
convention, state delegations must, to the greatest extent possible, be
proportioned in accordance with the votes received by each candidate in
the respective states’ primaries, caucuses, mail ballots, or nominating


CONTACT: Jeff Peterson; ; (715) 472-2728


Proposal ID 154 “Delegate Selection to the National Convention”
Official Bylaws of the Green Party of the United States
Rules for Credentialing Green Party Delegates

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