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Proposal ID169
ProposalEndorsement of the Rebuilding Alliance campaign to build the Nasrallah family home
PresenterGreen Party of Michigan
Floor ManagerMarc Sanson
Discussion08/29/2005 - 09/18/2005
Voting09/19/2005 - 09/25/2005
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum37 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The Green Party of Michigan passed the following Resolution at a
meeting of the membership, and it is being submitted to the National
Committee at the request of the Green Party of Michigan for discussion
and a vote endorsing the Resolution, and allowing the Rebuilding
Alliance to publicize the endorsement.


Whereas Greens identify four "Pillars":

  1) Peaceful resolution of international diputes;
  2) Social Justice
  3) Grassroots democracy
  4) Ecological wisdom

  And Whereas The Rebuilding Alliance (RA) is currently engaged in a
campaign to finance and rebuild the home of the Nasrallah family in

  And Whereas the Nasrallah family's home was the house in Gaza that
American Rachel Corrie was killed in front of by a massive bulldozer
operated by a member of Israel's Defense Forces;

  And Whereas Rachel Corrie was engaged in non-violent resistance to
Israel's Occupation of Gaza, and thus was seeking to assist resolving
the conflict there peacefully;

  And Whereas the Nasrallah's home was destroyed simply to allow Israel
to construct its "Wall" nearby;

  And Whereas at no time before or since the destruction of the
Nasrallah home has there ever been any evidence--in fact not even an
assertion--by any Israeli official that any member of the Nasrallah
family had engaged in any illegal activity whatsoever;

  And Whereas both the Occupation and the Wall have been condemned by
virtually every properly constituted body concerned with adjudicating
International Law;

  And Whereas extensive grassroots resistance to Israel's Occupation,
including both Israelis and Palestinians, has ranged from refusal by
members of the Israeli Defense Forces to serve in the Occupied
Territories to extensive rebuilding by Israelis, Palestinians, and
their supporters internationally of houses destroyed by Israel. This
grassroots approach has been mirrored here in the United States by
solidarity activities;

  And whereas this rebuilding has included efforts by the Israeli
Committee Against Home Demolitions, which has conducted its campaigns
under the slogan "We refuse to be enemies";

  And whereas the predecessor organization to RA was a principal ally of
ICAHD in such efforts, including participating in fund-raising activity
in Ann Arbor and elsewhere in Michigan;

  And whereas the Rebuilding Alliance includes on its National Board of
Directors the parents of Rachel Corrie;

  And whereas housing is a fundamental human right;

  And whereas the Occupation and construction of the Wall have had, and
continue to have, devastating effects on the ecology of Palestine,
including but not limited to damage to the fragile surface soil and
destruction of large numbers of olive trees;

  Therefore be it noted by this body that the campaign to buy and build
a home for the Nasrallahs is consistent with all four Pillars of the
Green Party;

  And be it further noted that this body notes the undeniable role
played by successive United States Administrations in supporting the
Occupation; to the detriment of peace and basic human rights. In this
context, participation here in the United States in the campaign to
rebuild the Nasrallah's home constitutes both resistance against the
unjust, unwise, and damaging policy of the United States as to
Israel/Palestine, as well as tangible solidarity with Palestinians and
Israelis who seek an end to the Occupation and instead work to build a
just peace;

  Therefore, be it resolved that:

  The Green Party of the United States endorses the campaign by the
Rebuilding Alliance to build a home for the Nasrallah family in Gaza,
and authorizes RA to note and publicize this endorsement.


CONTACT: Matthew R. Abel, GPMI



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