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Proposal ID178
ProposalResolution of endorsement for the Millions More March
PresenterGreen Parties of Texas and North Carolina
Floor ManagerJody Grage
Discussion09/12/2005 - 09/25/2005
Voting09/26/2005 - 10/02/2005
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum33 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


In early May, a broad coalition of leaders in
the African-American and civil rights community called on African-
Americans, Women, members of the LGBT community, and others to rally
in Washington, DC, during the weekend of October 14, 2005 to celebrate
the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March and to seek out
practical solutions to discrimination and social and economic
injustice. This cause speaks directly to the Green values of social
justice and respect for diversity.


We (the Green Party of Texas and the Green Party of North Carolina) propose that the
Green Party of the United States adopt a of resolution of endorsement for the
Millions More March.


CONTACT: Bill Holloway, Texas Delegate to the Green National Committee.



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