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Proposal ID190
ProposalDivestment from Israel for Human Rights
PresenterWisconsin Green Party
Floor ManagerJake Schneider
Discussion10/24/2005 - 11/13/2005
Voting11/14/2005 - 11/20/2005
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum32 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


A stable and just resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict depends
upon the full realization of the human rights of the Palestinian and
Israeli peoples. Under current conditions, the Palestinian people are
unlawfully denied all their individual rights, the right to
self-determination, and specifically, the right of the Palestinian
refugees to return to their homes. Neither are Israelis guaranteed
personal or national security.


The "peace process" is neither peaceful nor proceeding toward the
realization of these rights. Specifically, the Gaza Disengagement Plan
is a smokescreen that buys time and accumulates political capital for
the Sharon government while it implements its plans to force the
Palestinians into disconnected reservations on less than half the West
Bank. These conditions require that international civil society uses
whatever tools it has at its disposal to achieve a just peace.
Divestment and Boycott have in the past proven to be effective means to
achieve justice for oppressed peoples.


The Green Party of the United States is on record as supporting:


1: 'Palestinian Refugees Inalienable Rights to Return to their homes and
to receive material compensation for their losses.'

2: 'Immediate Israeli withdrawal from all lands acquired since 1967
including East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank.'

3: Jerusalem as a shared city open to people of all faiths, without
exclusive claims to national sovereignty or religion.

4: Suspension of all U.S. military and foreign aid to Israel

5: Complete dismantling of the Israeli separation wall

6: Promotion of the concept of one secular, democratic state as the
national home of both Israelis and Palestinians


On 9th July 2005, Palestinian civil society called for the comprehensive
boycott of Israel until such time as it facilitates the realization of
Palestinian rights.


1. The Green Party of the United States publicly calls for
divestment from and boycott of the State of Israel until such time as
the full individual and collective rights of the Palestinian people are


To maximize the effect of the Green Party's support for divestment and
boycott of Israel:


2. The party calls on all civil society institutions and
organizations around the world to implement a comprehensive divestment
and boycott program. Further, the party calls on all governments to
support this program and to implement state level boycotts.


3. The party urges the Campus Greens network to work in cooperation
with other campus organizations to achieve institutional participation
in this effort.


4. The GPUS National Committee directs the Green Peace Action
Committee (GPAX) to encourage the larger anti-war movement to promote
the divestment/boycott effort.


5. The GPUS National Committee directs the International Committee
to work with our sister Green parties around the world in implementing
an international boycott.


Implementation by GPUS International, Peace Action, and
Media committees as noted in the proposal.

CONTACT: Ruth Weill, WIGP Delegate,

  Jeff Peterson, WIGP Delegate,


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for Israeli-Palestinian Peace'





University of Wisconsin Divest from Israel Campaign:




Mohammed K. Abed, (608-332-9900).

Ben Manski,

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