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Proposal ID192
Proposal2006 Proposed Budget
PresenterGPUS Finance Committee
Floor ManagerJake Schneider
Discussion11/16/2005 - 12/11/2005
Voting12/12/2005 - 12/18/2005
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum35 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Steering Committee comments:

This Tier 1 GPUS 2006 Budget proposal is a basic budget. As our revenues increase, additional budget proposals for a Tier 2 and Tier 3 will be forthcoming from the Finance Committee and presented to the Steering Committee and then the National Committee for discussion and approvals.

Staff salaries have been raised to reflect the Green Party commitment to a living wage. Our staff is grossly underpaid given their expertise and living in the DC area, a very expensive place to live. It is their commitment to Green Ideals that inspires them to continue their hard and fruitful work.

The use of independent contractors has been expanded to increase our capacity in fundraising, office management and support for our state Green parties.

Our 2005 reserve fund of approximately $21000 has been maintained. Additional contributions to the 2006 reserve fund will be part of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 if 2006 fundraising results improve.

Reimbursements to Steering Committee members and to staff for the annual national meeting are separated from the annual meeting budget. Registration Fees to increase diversity at the annual meeting will be part of the Diversity Committee budget for Tier 2 and Tier 3.

A small amount of funds have been included for reimbursement to the Steering Committee for conference calls if members request reimbursement.

Our lease for the DC office expires on October 31, 2007 and our office rent has been increased although at much less than the market rents for DC area dictate.

Budget expenses for committees and caucuses are at the basic level in this budget. If your committee or caucus has submitted a budget proposal and this budget contains only part of that request additional funds may be requested in Tier 2 and Tier 3 by submitting revised budget proposals to the Finance Committee.

If your committee or caucus has not submitted a budget a basic amount can be requested upon submission(s) of a proposal(s) to the Finance Committee who in turn will forward its recommendations to the Steering Committee and then in turn to the National Committee for its approval.

Fundraising Committee Comments on Fundraising Plan 2006:

Sustainer: Development of the Sustainer Program in 2006 is a high priority. It fell substantially below goal in 2005. At mid-year 2005 an Independent Contractor was hired to develop and implement a successful program.

Green Party Card Program: This was a new program in 2005 and was not envisioned in the 2005 Fundraising Plan. The goal is based both on performance in 2005 and expanded development of the program through increased marketing. It is a welcome addition to our overall plan.

Direct Mail: The 2006 goal is based on 2005 performance, which is projected to exceed the goal of $25,200 net. It represents a modest increase in expectation.

Personal Solicitations: The goal set for 2005 was $42,000. We raised this in the first six months of the year. We are doubling the goal for 2006 based on this performance.

Online Program: We hired an Independent Contractor in 2005 to work on development of this program. We anticipate a healthy rate of growth in the outcome of this program in 2006.

Events: Events remained largely undeveloped in 2005. It is our plan to focus more on this in 2006 although only a modest effort is envisioned at this time.

New State Program: This item reflects work that the Green Party of Illinois is currently working on. If successful we may want to suggest this to other states. The goal here is modest compared to what the Green Party of Illinois envisions.

Planned Giving: This is a new category for the annual Fundraising Plan. In 2005 GPUS received $12,000 in planned giving. We would like to see a formal program developed in 2006 that might include a brochure that includes an FAQ. We have also worked with individuals who have included GPUS in their estate planning. The Finance Committee chose to leave this out of the formal Budget for now.

Merchandise: Merchandise sales were steady and solid throughout 2005 staying just above goal. Merchandise is largely an outreach program with a secondary goal of raising money.

Green Pages: Green Pages is largely an outreach program. It is integral to Fundraising and needs to be acknowledged as such.

Finance Committee Process for Amending Proposed Budget:

The Finance Committee will be meeting on Monday night Nov 21 and Dec 5 to consider questions and offer answers on the 2006 proposed budget from the delegates that wish clarifications from the Finance Committee. Please be clear that you are expecting feedback and not just offering comment on National Committee list serve.
The Steering Committee will be meeting on Monday night Nov 28 and have a special budget conference call during the week of Dec 5 thru Dec 9 if necessary to consider modifications to the 2006 proposed budget if changes are requested by committees and/or caucus and/or to correct errors in the current version that is up for discussion.
Once the voting begins on Dec 12 no changes to the 2006 proposed budget would be considered.


The proposed budget is at:




Financial data available from:

Past budgets can be accessed from:

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