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Proposal Details

Proposal ID209
ProposalDelay DAC Election and Amend Prop 175 to include Caucuses
PresenterGPUS Steering Committee
Floor ManagerMarc Sanson
Discussion02/23/2006 - 02/26/2006
Voting02/27/2006 - 03/05/2006
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum34 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Proposal 197 was adopted on February 5, 2006 by the National Committee amending Proposal 175 to expand participation on the Delegate Apportionment Committee to alternates and any Green vetted by their state party. It is the belief of the Steering Committee that caucuses were not included merely as an oversight, and that the presenters did not intend to specifically exclude caucuses. This proposal is intended to correct that oversight, prevent the disenfranchisement of caucuses on the Delegate Apportionment Committee and extend the nomination period to allow all states and caucuses approve additional nominees.

In order for the GNC to be able to express their wishes in this matter, the voting on this proposal must conclude prior to the beginning of the election for the delegate apportionment committee, which begins on March 6, 2006. Therefore, there will be an expedited discussion period on this proposal concluding on February 26, with a one-week voting period concluding on March 5.


The GPUS National Committee amends the first sentence of section II.A. from proposal 175 to state:
A. Voting Membership. The internal committee shall consist of 8 members chosen from among the NC delegates, or from any Green Party member who is nominated or vetted by their accredited state party or caucus.

Furthermore, the GPUS National Committee directs the Secretary to delay the election for the Delegate Apportionment Committee by one week and to accept any and all candidates vetted and nominated by a GPUS accredited state party or caucus up to 6pm Eastern Time on Sunday, March 12 and include them on the official ballot of the online election for the Delegate Apportionment Committee, which shall take place March 13-19, 2006.


CONTACT: Marc Sanson,


GPUS Proposal 175: Creation Of A Delegate Apportionment Committee
GPUS Proposal 197: Amendment to Proposal 175 - Creation of a Delegate Apportionment Committee - Broaden Participation

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