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Proposal ID215
ProposalGPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee PCSC Mission and Objectives
Presenter GPUS PCSC
Floor ManagerMarc Sanson
Discussion03/09/2006 - 03/26/2006
Voting03/27/2006 - 04/02/2006
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum43 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The GPUS Presidential Campaign Support Committee has been reviewing
the mission and objectives portion of our P&P's a committee. We have
streamlined and refocused some of our objectives based on discussion
and experience of the 2004 process, and would like to amend this
portion of our P&P's.

The PCSC feels the following is an appropriate revision of our
current mission and objective statement found at, and asks the NC to consider and approve
this new mission and objective statement.


The GPUS NC approves the following revised Mission and Objective
statement for the GPUS PCSC


The PCSC will represent GPUS in the coordination of communication with
Green Presidential campaigns. To that end, it will coordinate between
accredited state parties and caucuses, national committees, GPUS and
the nominee to ensure that there is both good communication and working
relationship between party and candidate. In future presidential election
cycles, before there is a nominee, the PCSC will be responsible for some
aspects of helping the state parties through the nominee-finding
process. The PCSC will as a matter of course take grassroots input
into account, and have as overarching goal the growth of the Green


The following is a non-exhaustive list of objectives and goals which
the PCSC will be charged with carrying out. Additional objectives may
be added by the GPUS Coordinating Committee, Steering Committee, or
full PCSC.

A. The PCSC will liaison between candidates and Ballot Access Working
Group to formulate and implement ballot access strategy;

B. The PCSC will create and maintain a list of initial points of
contact, bylaws, and election laws for each state and caucus to
provide as resource to the candidates (before the convention) and
nominee (after the convention);

C. The PCSC will assist state parties in creating and
conducting a process that gets grassroots input into determining
presidential preference and selecting delegates to the nominating
convention. [Prior to the Nominating Convention the PCSC will assist
state parties in polling their membership to determine potential
candidates and will publish the results of the poll, as well as
sending a letter to all potential candidates consisting of the
results of the poll and our contact information as a committee so
that potential candidates may reach us to make use of our available
support services];

D. The PCSC will coordinate public debates between candidates for the
GPUS nomination;

E. The PCSC will lead and organize efforts to open the presidential
debates to Green Candidates and work to raise awareness of open debates.

F. The PCSC will lead and liaison between the ANMC, Media Committee
and candidates on coordination of a pre-nomination candidate forum
and post nomination campaign launch at the National Nominating

G. In cooperation with ANMC, Media Committee and Webmaster, the PCSC
will create and maintain an official pre-Convention web site to
provide candidate information, resource links and tracking of the
delegate selection process, and a post-convention web site to display
the results of the nominating convention and provide links to the
presidential candidate's official web site.

H. The PCSC will provide coordination for communication between the
GPUS committees and the candidates (before the convention) and
nominee (after the convention);

I. The PCSC will assemble legal resources and advisors on issues of
federal election law where appropriate and necessary;

J. The PCSC will provide coordination with the CCC regarding
cooperation between nominee and down-ticket candidacies.

K. The PCSC will develop, and administer GPUS candidate questionnaire
to potential candidates and make available candidate responses to
State Parties through the GPUS web site, National Committee
delegates, Caucus delegates, and State Chairs.


Contacts -
Phil Huckleberry -

Kristen Olson -

Resources Required-
* Budget allocations for printing, mailing, telephone, and fax expenses
* IT assistance (Green Code Weavers?) for web design and web maintenance work


Current PCSC Mission and Objective Statement:

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