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Proposal ID243
ProposalResolution to change the election of Coordinated Campaign Committee members
PresenterGreen Party Of Rhode Island, GPUS Coordinated Campaign Committee
Floor ManagerJody Grage
Discussion09/04/2006 - 09/17/2006
Voting09/18/2006 - 09/24/2006
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum46 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


The last 3 years the CCC has been unable to fill out all of the
slots on the committee, and some recruited members have been unable to
fulfill their membership obligations. While the committee has been able to
function short staffed, if the committee is to expand its ability to help GP
candidates across the country, full staffing would be highly useful.

As the committee is very focused on elections, and requires that potential
members be experienced campaigners, holding elections for the committee in
the summer is out of synch with the election calendar. State parties are
not prepared to nominate candidates, experienced campaigners are not ready
to take on a new task, and those on the committee working with campaigns and
reviewing applications are stepping down or stepping up right in the middle
of the election cycle.

Therefore the GPUS is being asked to change the election system and cycle
for CCC members. The section below is copied directly from the CCC website.
We are asking that the NC replace the paragraph titled CCC Committee
Structure beginning " The Committee shall consist of 10 voting members drawn
....." with the four paragraphs that follow it. The first one also begins
"The Committee shall consist of 10 voting members drawn"

Green Party Committees:
Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC)---
Policies and Procedures
Green Party Coordinated Campaign Committee
The Coordinated Campaign Committee (CCC) is a standing committee of the GPUS
that cooperates with state and local chapters in the support of federal,
state, and local Green Party electoral campaigns through a variety of
different programs and support functions.
(No changes in the above paragraph)

The Committee shall consist of 10 voting members drawn from affiliated state
parties. CCC members are selected annually by the members of the GPUS
Coordinating Committee, and may be members of that committee or of an
affiliated state party; no state shall have in excess of one member on the
CCC. Vacancies on the CCC are filled by the Steering Committee. The members
of the CCC annually elect up to three co-chairs from among its members.


Replace the above paragraph with the four paragraphs that follow

The Coordinated Campaign Committee shall consist of 10 voting members
Drawn from the affiliated state parties and caucuses. The National
Committee shall elect 5 members of the CCC and replacements for recently
opened vacancies with an on line election to be held each year. Nominations
will be called for by the Secretary of the GPUS each year two weeks after
Election Day. A two week nominating period shall be opened, followed by
one week of discussion and an on line STV vote using the GPUS voting page
and following the procedures and protocols the GPUS uses to elect the
Steering Committee. The 5 people elected each year via the regular election
shall serve two year terms while those elected or selected to fill vacancies
will serve out the term of the member they are replacing. In between annual
December elections for the CCC the GPUS Steering Committee shall
appoint Greens to fill vacancies.

Committee members elected or selected in 2006 prior to an on line
Election authorized by the passage of this proposal shall be able to
maintain their seats until the election held in 2007. The Committee will
continue to recruit and have members selected by the GPUS SC prior to November 2006
and then hold an election based on this rule change beginning in November
2006 to fill the rest of the seats that have not yet been filled. The
Committee shall in January 2007 hold a lottery to determine which of the
newly elected committee members shall have their terms conclude in December
2007 and which 5 shall Serve until the election in 2008.

The committee shall always have an equal number of males and females on
Its roster except when it has an odd number of members. Then its makeup can
Be +1 for any gender. The exception to this rule is that no member of the
committee shall be asked or forced to resign from the committee in order to
reestablish the gender balance. The balance will be re established by
Adding members to the committee. Each year the election to fill seats on
the CCC shall actually be two elections, one to elect males to the committee, one to
elect females to the committee. The number of men and women elected in any
given year shall be determined by nature of the vacancies in that year with
the goal of having 5 men and 5 women on the committee.

No State Green Party or GPUS Caucus may have more than one member serving on
the CCC at any time. State Parties and Caucuses must formally, in writing, nominate
one of their members to serve on the CCC. No State Party or Caucus can nominate
more than one person in any given year, nor can they nominate if a member of
their state party or caucus will continue to serve on the committee after
the filling of whatever seats are being filled. Nominations from State Party
or Caucus officers are to be sent to the Secretary of the GPUS during the
post November Election Nominating Period and when a vacancy is being filled,
and the Secretary shall publish them on the votes email list.


CONTACT: Greg Gerritt



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