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Proposal ID254
Proposal2007 Proposed Budget
PresenterSC and FinCom
Floor ManagerJody Grage
Discussion11/28/2006 - 12/20/2006
Voting12/21/2006 - 12/27/2006
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum36 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


This proposal presents the 2007 Proposed Budget as required by the Rules and Procedures. The income side of the budget lists fundraising income by program, as well as interest and conventions income. The expenditure side includes budget sections Support & Services, Organizing & Outreach, Governance, Electoral Politics, and Fundraising Programs. This budget is for continuing current levels of operation for the most part. It is a balanced budget of $437,050, which is 9% higher than the 2006 budget.

Preparing a budget is an opportunity to consider next yearís work, and has already been beneficial. For example, PCSC (Presidential Campaign Support Committee), BAC (Ballot Access Committee), and CCC (Coordinated Campaign Committee) have begun working together to develop both an overall strategy and to coordinate their individual roles within that strategy.

The basic constraint of a budget is that you canít spend more than you earn. Given that GPUS has so much necessary work that should be financially supported, our budget is an exercise in tough choices. This year, for the first time, the Fundraising Committee worked out the income side of the budget -- both the income amounts and the programs designed to achieve those amounts. The Finance Committee worked out the expenditure side of the budget, based on that estimated income.

This budget includes basic operating expenses as well as basic expenses for committees and caucuses. It is essential to view this budget as the fulcrum that must be used to leverage more income so that the Green Party not only survives, but also thrives. We have many good programs and proposals from hardworking committees that can make excellent use of additional funding and we need to make the most of the good efforts of our hard-working volunteers by providing them with the benefit of adequate funding.

We also need a plan for reaching beyond this basic budget. The first priority is to set aside money each month to pay quarterly state sharing as it becomes due. Our second priority is to rebuild our reserve funds during the year. When income exceeds our basic monthly expenses, money will be deposited in the reserve fund for these purposes.

Our biggest challenge will be to create programs that add to the basic budget as presented here and raise additional funds. Fundraising programs with the states, such as the Green Party Card program, are our most available growth area -- with the advantage to the state parties of also increasing their income through state sharing. Expect to hear more about state programs for fundraising and how each state party can participate for the mutual benefit of the state parties and GPUS. In addition, as the national database continues to grow from the addition of input from states and candidates, we benefit from an increased pool of potential donors.

Expect, too, to hear more about the necessity of greater involvement by the GNC and GPUS committees and caucuses in fundraising and to be asked for your ideas on ways to obtain more financial resources at and for all levels of the Green Party. If we want to do more Green work, we all need to participate.

For the election cycle of 2008 our goal should be a budget of at least $1,000,000. 2007 will be the year to experiment and improve our fundraising skills and knowledge so that that goal becomes a reality. And we must continue to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness with which we utilize the money we have. The Finance Committee and Fundraising Committee meetings are on Monday nights and increased membership is welcome.

Please email questions or concerns to Jody Grage, Treasurer. We will do our best to respond promptly. Once the voting begins, no changes can be considered, so send your input early!

2007 Proposed Budget Features:

l. The Support & Services section includes more than the operation of the GPUS office in Washington, D.C. For example, expenditures for phone/fax, postage, shipping, and supplies are largely included in this section even though they are often used to support other sections. Effort will be made during 2007 to arrive at more accurate cost allocations of these expenses to specific budget categories.

2. The positions of Operations Director and Online Fundraising Director are now filled by one full-time staff member.

3. The Media Coordinator compensation has been increased 50% from $500 to $750 per month.

4. The Outreach Committee has funds that were previously allotted as Advertising under Fundraising Programs.

5. Compensation for a total of three Fundraising Assistants has been included as an investment decision made to grow our fundraising capability. The Fundraising Assistants will be paid on a salary plus commission basis and after their training periods will bring in more money than the cost of their services.

6. Steering Committee and Diversity Committee reimbursements for the Annual National Meeting are included and are separate from the ANM budget.

7. Only $10,000 has been budgeted for the reserve fund. Additions to the reserve fund will need to be a part of our additional income.

8. There is $6,125 in this budget for the remainder of the 2006 third quarter state sharing, although every effort will be made to repay overdue state sharing within 2006.

9. The $5400 earmarked from 2006 for the Ballot Access Committee is a line item in the 2007 Proposed Budget.


The proposed budget is at:


CONTACT: Jody Grage, Treasurer; 2428 NW 56th, Seattle WA 98107;


Financial data available from:

Past budgets can be accessed from:

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