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Proposal ID263
ProposalApproval of Jane Hunter as Forum Manager
PresenterGPUS Steering Committee
Floor ManagerHolly Hart
Discussion02/26/2007 - 03/04/2007
Voting03/05/2007 - 03/11/2007
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum34 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The National Committee Listserv Protocol for Delegates
Discussion and Votes Lists (Proposal #186) was adopted by the GPUS
National Committee on November 13, 2005. At the 2006 national
meeting, one of the Forum Managers and the Alternate were elected to
the Steering Committee, necessitating their replacement. Jane Hunter, Green Party of New Jersey, has stepped forward to volunteer, and was approved by the Steering Committee during their conference call of 2/18/07. Per our listserv protocols, her appointment needs to be approved by the National Committee.


The GPUS National Committee approves Jane Hunter as
Forum Manager, to serve for the remainder of the term vacated by a
previous Forum Manager.


Contact: Holly Hart


Proposal ID 186
Proposal Proposed Listserv Protocol for Delegates Discussion and Votes
Lists -- Amended

IV. Forum Managers and Enforcement
A. The Steering Committee shall nominate three individuals, subject to
National Committee approval, to serve coincident two-year terms as
Forum Managers and one individual subject to National Committee
approval, to serve as Alternate Forum Manager. Forum Managers may be
sitting NC delegates, alternates or others as recommended by their
State or Caucus. All nominees must be either recommended or approved
by their State or Caucus. All three Forum Managers can not be of the
same gender. It is recommended that Forum Managers have dispute
resolution training. In the event of a Forum Manager resignation or
other vacancy, the Alternate will serve the remainder of the term as a
Forum Manager. In addition the SC shall nominate a replacement to fill
the role of Alternate, to be approved by the NC via the same method
used to nominate and elect the Forum Manager. The replacement
Alternate Forum Manager will fill the balance of the term as Alternate.
The Forum Managers shall provide Quarterly Reports to the NC via the
Natlcomaffairs listserv. These reports shall include the number of
informal advisories, number of official warnings and probations.
B. The three Forum Managers must be in agreement prior to any change
in status of a member's access to a list.
C. Forum Managers may at their discretion send informal advisories to
posters to encourage protocol compliance. Two of the three Forum
Managers must agree on the content of an advisory for it to be sent.
Every attempt shall be made by the Forum Managers to address
individual complaints regarding offending posts. This may include
contacting the author of the offending post and working with/educating
them on constructive, neutral, and effective ways to communicate.
D. List members may file a complaint about a specific post directly
with a Forum Manager. Complaints will not be publicly posted to the
forum. List members are encouraged to send informal complaints
privately to the potentially infringing participants to encourage
member-to-member accountability. If filing a complaint with a Forum
Manager, a list member should include copies of complaints sent
directly to the offending member.
E. After at least two informal advisories within a six month period,
if at least two of three Forum Managers determine that the guidelines
have been violated a third time by the same infringing member, an
official private warning will be sent to the member by the Forum
Managers. Forum Managers will respond to complaints in a uniform
fashion and maintain electronic records of all official warnings.
Official warnings remain in effect for six months.
F. List members that receive a second official warning within six
months will be placed on probation, including moderation of the
messages that the member posts. The State or Caucus represented by any
delegate placed on probation will be notified immediately when any
delegate is placed on probation. The Forum Managers will review all
proposed submissions from the probated member and will only forward
those posts that do not violate list guidelines. Probation shall be
for a term not to exceed 3 months. Completing the 3-month term of
probation will clear the record of official warnings.

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