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Proposal ID265
ProposalInstructions to Budget Writers
PresenterGeorgia Green Party Green Party of Rhode Island
Floor ManagerKatey Culver
Discussion03/05/2007 - 03/11/2007
Voting03/12/2007 - 03/18/2007
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum38 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


Concerns raised in the course of discussion on the budget
proposal have highlighted the failure of our Party to adhere to
its existing fiscal policy, to appropriately reflect that our
2006 operations have been funded by borrowing heavily from state
sharing revenues and other dedicated funds and its reserves.
Delegates have asked for better accounting controls over these
practices, as well as a commitment to repay these reserves.

This resolution is designed to give specific guidance to the
Steering Committee on how a future budget ought to be presented,
and asks specifically that the underlying assumptions in
the proposed budget be documented with narrative plans and
financial reports.


A resolution to provide guidance to the Steering Committee on
the preparation of a budget for 2007; and for other purposes.

A Resolution of the
National Committee of the
Green Party of the united States

Resolved, that the Steering Committee is instructed, in its
next submission of a proposed FY2007 Budget to report back,
as components of its budget proposal, the following documents:

  -- a fundraising plan;

  -- an outreach plan;

  -- a balance sheet and income statements reflecting
  revenues and obligations accrued during the previous
  budget cycle;

  -- cash flow projections documenting historical
  performance, and assumptions underlying any changes

  -- a proposal for segregated accounts for the handling
  of state-sharing revenues and other funds accounted for
  by the Party but which are not available for General
  Fund expenditures; and

  -- a revised proposal for an FY2007 Budget, which:

  * appropriately accounts for state and caucus sharing

  * appropriately accounts for contributions accepted
  for designated purposes;

  * retires the Party's past due obligation to the state
  sharing program;

  * restores the reserve account within the Fiscal Year
  to at least 75% of the mandated level;

  * prioritizes fundraising development work and support
  for the member State Parties.


CONTACT: Hugh Esco

Steering Committee, Finance Committee and staff time preparing
the planning documents and financial statements required by
this resolution.


2007 Proposed Budget

Donor Bill of Rights

Section 5., related to Fiscal Policy

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