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Proposal Details

Proposal ID269
ProposalApproval of Paul Culley, GPoNYS, for GPUS Finance Committee
PresenterGPUS Finance Committee
Floor ManagerElizabeth Arnone
Discussion03/12/2007 - 03/25/2007
Voting03/26/2007 - 04/01/2007
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum40 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


GPUS Finance Committee P&Ps state: ?Membership on the Finance Committee will be, at a minimum, the GPUS Treasurer, the GPUS accountant, the designated Steering Committee member who is on the banking signatory card, and any Steering Committee members who choose to join. Any member of the National Committee may join with the voted approval of the National Committee. With the approval of their state Green Party and/or accredited caucus, persons who are Green Party members but not National Committee members, including members from states not organized as part of GPUS, may join if approved by the National Committee. Volunteers for the Finance Committee shall inform the Steering Committee of
their interest, so that the Steering Committee may make a timely proposal for approval of the new members. Members may serve until they resign or are removed for cause.?

The following individuals currently serve as Finance Committee members of the GPUS GNC:
Co-Chairs - Jody Grage, Treasurer; Liz Arnone, SC Co-Chair

Steering Committee - Budd Dickinson

Staff - Brent McMillan, Fundraisng Director; Emily Citkowski, Online Fundraising
Director; Doug Malkan, Accountant

Continuing members - Jeff Turner HI, Marc Sanson IL, LaVerne Butler DCS; Jake Schneider WI (observer)


Paul Culley, duly vetted by GPoNYS, is hereby approved as a new member of the GPUS Finance Committee.


CONTACT: Liz Arnone larnone47 at


Paul T. Culley
60 Pine Hill Drive
Alfred, NY 14802
Can be faxed but must know when to turn it on to receive.

Background: Bio for Paul Culley
  B.S. in Ceramic Engineering; M.S.L.S. (Library Science)
  Retired Librarian
  Been Treasurer of several small organizations and for short spells several church groups. Well 5 years for one.
  Took a self directed intro to Accounting that essentially I did in one semester a two semester course. Took that and Accounting for Not for Profit Organizations back around 1981-82.
  Thought about getting an Accounting degree
but health reasons (Asthma) derailed it.
  Currently the Treasurer of the Green Party
of New York State since being elected Sept 2006.
  Now responsible for State Board of Elections reports as of late
Dec. 06 and FEC as of Feb 07.

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