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Proposal Details

Proposal ID295
ProposalDelegate Allocation for GPUS National Committee
PresenterGPUS Apportionment Standing Committee
Floor ManagerHolly Hart
Discussion06/13/2007 - 06/26/2007
Voting06/27/2007 - 07/03/2007
Presens Quorum32 0.6666
Consens Quorum70 0.6666 of Yes and No Votes


Proposal 272, adopted by the GPUS National Committee on April 15, 2007, states:

"The GPUS hereby creates the Apportionment Standing Committee to make decisions
regarding the implementation of the above formula The tasks laid out for the
committee include the following:

1. Designing spreadsheets that perform the calculations of the formulas
described above for delegate apportionment.

2. Soliciting the state parties to send the relevant data so that apportionment
can be undertaken with the most complete data. (If a state party does not submit
numbers in a timely fashion, the committee is empowered to use publicly
available data or to allocate the delegate minimum to that state party until the
next apportionment.)

3. Applying the criteria of this proposal to the data, plugging the most
accurate available numbers into the formula, and completing the computations.

4. Developing a formal challenge process for data submitted by a state party or
to the data entry or computational analysis, reviewing any such challenges, and
making the final decision regarding the numbers to be used.

5. Reporting the results of apportionment to the NC in a timely fashion and
presenting the proposal to approve the completed computations."

The Apportionment Standing Committee has carried out tasks 1-4 above, and is
presenting the following proposal as its 5th task.

The Apportionment Standing Committee has also formally decided that the
challenge period (see reference below to challenge process) will be the first
ten days of the discussion period for this proposal. The committee will consider
valid challenges as friendly amendments to the proposed numbers.


Pursuant to Proposal 272, the GPUS National Committee approves the completed
computation of delegate apportionment submitted by the GPUS Apportionment
Standing Committee:

State Number of votes

Alabama 2
Alaska 2
Arizona 2
Arkansas 2
California 42
Colorado 3
Connecticut 5
Delaware 2
District of Columbia 4
Florida 4
Georgia 2
Hawaii 2
Idaho 2
Illinois 11
Indiana 2
Iowa 2
Kansas 2
Louisiana 2
Maine 11
Maryland 4
Massachusetts 8
Michigan 6
Minnesota 3
Mississippi 2
Missouri 2
Montana 2
Nebraska 2
Nevada 2
New Jersey 3
New Mexico 2
New York 10
North Carolina 2
Ohio 3
Oklahoma 2
Oregon 6
Pennsylvania 8
Rhode Island 2
South Carolina 2
Tennessee 2
Texas 3
Utah 2
Vermont 2
Virginia 2
Washington 3
Wisconsin 6
Wyoming 2
Lavender Caucus 1
Black Caucus 1
Women's Caucus 1


Aram Falsafi
Gary Novosielski
Cat Woods,


Proposal #272: Allocation of Delegates to the National Committee of the Green Party
version 2:

Challenge Process for Apportionment Standing Committee, adopted by the committee on June
3, 2006:

Spreadsheet showing the calculation used in coming up with the above numbers:

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