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Proposal ID297
ProposalAllocation to CCC for Contributions to Green Campaigns
PresenterCoordinated Campaign Committee
Floor ManagerKatey Culver
Discussion06/18/2007 - 07/01/2007
Voting07/02/2007 - 07/08/2007
Presens Quorum33 0.6666
Consens Quorum44 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The primary reason the GPUS created the Coordinated Campaign Committee
was to have a designated organizational structure and regularized
system for the donating of money and the provisioning of resources and
technical assistance to Green candidates for office. Over the years,
in order to fulfill this mandate the committee has established
procedures for making donations to candidates and created a package of
resources that are available to candidates and their campaigns. The
Committee uses a standardized questionnaire, asking for some
information for those candidates just seeking lists and advice, and
requiring a much more fully developed campaign plan from those
candidates seeking monetary support. There is a standardized scoring
system for the questionnaires with a built in bias for candidates
other than older white men, and a bias towards lower budget campaigns
where a donation of between $200 to $500 can have a relatively large
impact on the campaign budget.

The amount of money the committee, with the consent of the Finance and
Steering Committees, has had available to donate in each election
cycle has varied with the financial health of the party. One cycle the
committee was able to hand out $2000 to worthy Green candidates, but
sadly the current the number is zero.

Recently, due to our close association with the Political
Director/Fundraising Director, we have a feeling that more money is
available right now, and as helping candidates is about as close to
the core mission of this entire organization as anything, it seems
logical that this core function would be relatively high on the list
of projects to be funded if funds are available. As there is no
proper budget, it seemed the only proper way to receive an allocation
for donating to candidates would be through an NC resolution.


The National Committee shall, by passing this resolution, provide that
$2000 be allocated so that the CCC may invite Green candidates to
apply for donations to their campaigns using the established
procedures, and that the Steering and Finance committees be directed
act upon the recommendations the CCC provides to them in accordance
with their established procedures and fiduciary responsibilities.

Upon passage the CCC shall put out a call for candidates to submit
requests for funding so that candidates applying may, after going
through the process, receive funds the first week of October 2007.


Contacts: Greg Gerritt, GPRI and co chair CCC,

Resources needed:



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