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Proposal Details

Proposal ID298
ProposalApprove expenses for SE Regional Campaign School
PresenterCoordinated Campaign Committee
Floor ManagerKatey Culver
Discussion06/18/2007 - 07/01/2007
Voting07/02/2007 - 07/08/2007
Presens Quorum33 0.6666
Consens Quorum43 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


The Green Party of Tennessee has proposed hosting a Southeast Regional
Campaign School August 24-26, 2007, Ecovillage on The Farm in
Summertown, Tennessee, primarily on Saturday, August 25. The host
state party has invited Greens from surrounding states and secured
the location for the event. The host state party has agreed to
provide housing and meals for the Political Director Brent McMillan,
who will provide or coordinate the majority of the training. Martin
Holsinger with the Tennesse Greens is the location

The Coordinated Campaign Committeešs purposes include: Training
Greens in running successful campaigns (from finding the right
candidate to getting people to the polls on election day) and
assisting, financially and otherwise, in the development of
campaign schools for Greens around the country in conjunction with
local Greens, as well as directly supporting Green campaigns.

The Tennessee Greens are doing the on the ground organizing and it
looks like attendees would have relatively inexpensive out of pocket
costs, with housing and meals currently projected to be less than
$100 for Friday through Sunday inclusive.

The GP-US is currently operating without an adopted budget, and
therefore rather than tapping into a budget line item for these
costs, the CCC feels it must come directly to the NC in order to
fund what may be the most important thing the GPUS does, prepare

Although this might arguably fall in the category of expenses
authorized pursuant to proposal 259, the CCC is seeking the approval
of the NC for expenditures to cover the travel of the Political
Coordinator so he may conduct trainings at the SE Regional Campaign


The Treasurer of GP-US is authorized to spend up to $600 for
transportation (Airfare to, and car rental in,
Tennessee) and incidentals for the Political Coordinator to attend
and provide training for the SE Regional Campaign School currently
scheduled for August 24-26, 2007, in Tennessee.


Political Director Brent McMillan would attend, so it would take his
time both for preparation and his being away from the National
office for a full weekend. The CCC would assist with preparation and
coordination, while the Tennessee Green Party is providing onsite
coordination, the rental of the location and other logistics.

CONTACT: Greg Gerritt, gerritt at mindspring dot com 401-331-0529
Nan Garrett, nannetteg at yahoo dot com, 770-216-8632



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