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Proposal ID315
ProposalGive Money Raised at Ballot Access Rally to Ballot Access Committee
Floor ManagerElizabeth Arnone
Discussion09/17/2007 - 09/30/2007
Voting10/01/2007 - 10/07/2007
Presens Quorum34 0.6666
Consens Quorum56 A Majority of Yes and No Votes


At the Ballot Access rally in Reading, PA in July, 2007,
Ralph Nader raised $4900 in donations for the GPUS and the
GPPA over and above the admission fees. The Ballot Access
Committee has been under-funded for a long time, and states
with current ballot access drives are desperate for
financial and volunteer help.


The GPUS allocates and authorizes disbursement of the net
money raised for the GPUS at the Ballot Access Rally in
Reading (after expenses and GPPA cut) to the GPUS Ballot
Access Committee to distribute to state parties currently
engaged in ballot access drives and to support ballot access
efforts in general.

The GPUS Treasurer shall calculate the net income of the
event as follows:
1. Calculate all monies received by the Green Party at the
event, including admissions and the extra donations raised
by Ralph Nader.
2. Deduct the speaker's fee, a pro-rated amount equal to one
half of a day's rental of the hall and other expenses
incurred for this event.
3. Deduct the GPPA's contractual cut of the proceeds.
4. The result is the net income of the event. This amount is
hereby allocated to the Ballot Access Committee, and the
Ballot Access Committee is hereby authorized to disburse
this money to support ballot access efforts.

The Ballot Access Committee shall use consistent criteria
for determining the priority of and distribution to each
ballot access drive, including the overall feasibility of
the effort. The Ballot Access Committee may also choose to
disburse some of the monies to a fund to be set up for
fighting legal challenges to GPUS Presidential ballot access
in 2008.


Net monies to GPUS raised at Ballot Access rally in Reading,
PA, July 2007.
Budgeted upon passage. Checks to state parties or legal fund
to be written by GPUS Treasurer upon final decision on
distribution by the Ballot Access Committee.
Cat Woods (415)-897-6989,
Sanda Everette (650)-574-7155,



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